Andy Milonakis Height, Weight, Age

Andy Milonakis

Date of Birth: 30 January, 1976 (Age: 40)

Height: 168 cm (5 ft 6)

Weight: Unknown, but approximately 88 kg (194 pounds)

Eye color: Hazel

Hair Color: Brown

Andy Milonakis is in his mature years, but he looks like a teenager. His height is just 168 cm and he has a little overweight. Andy Milonakis has a growth hormone disorder, which makes him look like a teen boy. Now many people are curious, if he has wrinkles and grey hair in 20 years or he never gets old.

Andy Milonakis managed to become an internationally popular celebrity not just because of his unusual look and body measurements, but also as an actor, comedian, rapper etc.

Andy Milonakis started his career as YouTube celebrity. He created the video “The Super Bowl is Gay”, which he uploaded at site and soon his short film became a sensation.

Andy Milonakis uploaded several comedy videos to YouTube and his popularity was so wide, that he was noticed by a writer from Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show, who invited Andy to work for them.

Later Andy Milonakis tried his hand as a rapper and uploaded several videos of that kind to YouTube. He has a culinary channel at YouTube as well.

Mostly Andy Milonakis is known as a comedian, because he used humor to struggle with his disorder. He was bullied by many people in his neighborhood and just in the street as he was fat, not tall and looked like a boy, being an adult man. His sense of humor and ability to laugh at his disasters helped Andy Milonakis to cope with his problems.

Andy Milonakis Height, Weight, Age

Andy Milonakis

After successful career of Internet celebrity, Andy Milonakis managed to start his own MTV Show, named “I’d grown up”. Andy used his small height and boyish look to arrange various comic situations, when he pretended to be much younger of his age.

Andy Milonakis activity is extremely variable, but rapping is probably the closest to his heart. “I’ve been into hip hop during my whole life!” Andy used to say in his interview.

Andy Milonakis had never shared in public the details of his personal life. It is not known anything about his parents, but Andy used to tell that he is the only child in his family.

We don’t know if Andy practices any kind of fitness routine, but his body is looked overweight, so probably, he is not the fan of sports or diet. Maybe, doctors don’t allow him to workout.

Andy Milonakis is single and all he concentrates his energy on his new projects. His career helps Andy Milonakis forget about his troubles and develop his skills.

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