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Sandra BullockSandra Bullock is a famous Hollywood celebrity, who is already 50 years old but it seems to be that if to look at her face the time stood still. Her admirers make wonder what measures the actress does in order to stay young and pretty.

Sandra Bullock is one of the most popular and highly paid Hollywood actresses, who received one Academy Award and one Golden Globe Award. She is well-known by the main roles in the films “While You Were Sleeping”, “Miss Congeniality”, “The Blind Side”.

There was a time when she was called “American sweetie” because of her appearance of a kind girl and only positive roles. Since the moment of glory in 1994 when the film “Speed” was screened her appearance didn’t change. She still is considered to be not only one of the most successful and popular American actresses but also one of the most charming and elegant women. So what is a secret of Sandra’s beauty and youth?Sandra Bullock

If to analyze all the news titles, which concern Sandra Bullock plastic surgery during all her career, we can make a conclusion that the actress always does the right choice. Though she was a pretty woman but as the years go by she was also made to ask the help of plastic surgeons. It is obvious that everyone tries to stay young as long as it is possible. It bears mentioning that her rhinoplasty is deemed to be one of the most successful in Hollywood. The actress could do the most important thing; she saved the original nose contours. At the same time she made it thiner in order to make a set of the features, which the audience like the most of all. If to compare her photos before and after plastic surgery it can be seen that the changes were done but they were not so visible.

Sandra Bullock photo Before & After

Sandra Bullock plastic surgery Sandra Bullock plastic surgery

The breakup with her lover, who afterwards started dating with a younger actress, forced Sandra to pay more attention to her appearance. Some magazines even wrote that Sandra had undergone through tuck-up operation and now the actress receives regular rejuvenescent Botox injections under the skin in the corners of her eyes. Exactly these injections help her to get rid of the wrinkles. It is obvious that naturally it is impossible to avoid wrinkles when you are already 50 years old. So Bullock is not an exception and Botox injections help her to keep her skin smooth and to avoid sagged skin as long as it is possible.

Sandra Bullock

Despite of the majority of her colleagues she doesn’t try to chase a rainbow and doesn’t tend to make breast-enlarging surgery or liposculpture. The woman always tried to look naturally and exactly because of this factor the woman was considered to be one of the actresses with the most natural beauty. But unfortunately the well-loved actress could not avoid wrinkles and was made to make face lifting. Thanks to this operation Sandra bears her age well!


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