Date of birth:  November 5, 1941 (Age 75)

Full name: Arthur Ira Garfunkel

Born Place: Forest Hills, New York, USA,

Height: 5′ 9″ (175.3 cm)

Weight: 78 kg (171 pounds)

Art Garfunkel’s height, weight and age

Hair color: Brown/Grey

Eye color: Blue

Art Garfunkel’s eyes and hair color

The multi-talented Arthur Ira Garfunkel popularly referred to as Art has invaded various industries with his extraordinary talents. Art has created a very successful career for himself as a singer, songwriter, actor, and poet.

Right from Art’s childhood, he had a passion for music and parents who spotted his potential helping him harness it. Arts dad bought him a wire recorder which served as a great start aiding his development musically.

By Junior High school, he created a duo Simon & Garfunkel with his friend Paul. In other to be more appealing to the audience, they initially called themselves Tom & Jerry till they became known and later went with the name Simon & Garfunkel. They went ahead singing together and quickly became pop stars.

Art didn’t depend solely on music wanting to create a decent plan B career, got a bachelor’s degree in art history and master’s degree in mathematics.

Simon & Garfunkel went ahead to create a short, yet well-accomplished career for themselves as a duo winning 5 Grammy awards.

Art broadened his horizons into the movie industry after working with Mike Nichols on a soundtrack for a movie he was directing. From then, Mike featured Art in some of his movies making him famous as an actor as well.

In 1990, Art broke beyond more boundaries beginning his tour across the world. His performance before a 1.4 million people audience promoting democracy in Bulgaria launched him into larger stage performances. Though he had stage fright, he enjoyed the excitement of it which caused him to jump right it.

Despite Art’s overachieving and successful career, he has always kept himself in good health through exercise.

Art Garfunkel’s height, weight and age

In the early 80’s, Art decided to begin a walk across Japan. By 1984, he took a 12-year long walk across the USA. His resilience wouldn’t let him end there as he goes ahead to begin a walk across Europe in 1994 beginning from Ireland until Istanbul. As Art takes his walks, it serves as a spiritual cleansing exercise that connects him with nature, stirring greater inspiration to write, sing and acting as a very effective hobby keeping him ever healthy.

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