The American pop singers’ generation has definitely becoming younger and Nick Jonas is one of the brightest representative of these young talents. Born in 1992 in Texas, he was only 7 when stated to perform at Broadway. Started as an actor in musicales such as ” A Christmas Carol” (in 2000), “Beauty and the Beast” in 2002 and one year later in “Les Misérables” he showed a great vocal. At the age of 10 Nick Jonas already recorded the song. Two years later the boy’s singing was recorded at Columbia Records/ The songs “Dear God” and “Joy to the World” did not become hits, but the listeners affirmed the young singer has talent.

Nick-Jonas Nick Jonas

In 2005 Nick Jonas popularity started to grow to gether with Jonas Brothers pop group. Thee guys from JB work hard to get MTV Europe Music Award in 2012. They appeared at Disney Channel and got millions of fans among teens and even kids.

However Nick Jonas felt he could do much more if he would start working at his solo career. Thus in 2010 he made a tour which started in his native city, Dallas and ended in Berkeley, California. The singer called the tour “Who I Am”. The same name had the album he performed during his tour. Nick Jonas tour marked the beginning of his serious career. Although he tried to work again with Jonas Brothers, in 2013 he finally turned to his solo performance.

If somebody would be asked about the best songs of Nick Jonas, the majority of his fans would call “Jealous”. Although this is a pretty new song ( released a week before Nick’s 22 th birthday on September, 16) it has got hundreds of millions (!) views in Youtube already and the same quantity of Jonas fans learn by heart its lyrics:” I mean no disrespect. It’s my right to be hellish. I still get jealous“. Every young man knows what it is – to feel jealous when your girl is too beautiful and the guys stare at her. Young generation is involved into the relationship problems, thus these simple pop song words have become so clear The song was on the top of US Billboard Hot 100 and it won “silver” in UK Singles Chart in 2014.

Nick Jonas – Jealous

“Chains”, the nice composition with so close to everybody who was in love at least once “You got me in chains, you got me in chains for your love”. For this composition Nick was awarded at Texas Academy of Country Music Awards. The first lines of Nick’s “Introducing Me” song have become the shortest description of the guy’s life and work attitude.” I’m good at wasting time, I think lyrics need to rhyme” ,- these lines characterize the young singer as a real romantic person who is really in love with his creative activity, music and poetry. “Introducing me” has become Nick Jonas’ confess to everybody and himself first of all. The singer was so sincere to write the words of the composition and performed it with such a passion that it was mentioned even by those who never heard about Jonas.

Nick Jonas – Chains

Although Nick Jonas has got Type I diabetes (it was diagnosed when the boy was only 13) and he has to get everyday injections to live further, the guy is a real workarholic. In some of his songs you can read the pain between the lines.”Time for me to open up my heart
and knock on Heaven’s door. Time for me to live” – these lines were written in 2004 . The lovely “Time For Me to Fly” lyrics sounded as if it was performed by a mature person who learned what life is.

Jonas Brothers – Time For Me to Fly (Live)

Nick is always sincere. Maybe this feature has made his so loved by public. Although millions of girls have been dreaming to date Nick Jonas, it is rumored that Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus are still in love. The guy confirmed that he was so young to start relationship with Miley that he would not realize what it really was. They broke close relationship but stayed friends. Today the fans of Nick Jonas can’t answer the question who inspires the singer and the talented artist to write new songs – Olivia Culpo,Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus. Whoever it is, the audience is waiting to the new best songs of Nick.

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