Height: 165 cm
Selena Gomez
Weight: 60 kg

Date of birth: July 22, 1992 (Age 24)

Selena Gomez is a young and lovely woman, who is famous by her genius for acting. Now she is only 24 and she is a well known American actress and singer. Despite of her successful acting career she sings and records solo albums. Selena is famed for the shooting in the series Wizards of Waverly Place.

Selena Gomez was born on July 22, 1992 in Texas. Her mother was a former stage actor and her father was a musician. By the way her mother bore Selena at the age of sixteen and after five years of marriage her parents filed for divorce. The young and gifted girl started her acting career early and her first role in the film Another Cinderella Story was in 2002. In the words of Selena, her mother was a person who inspired a young girl for acting career. Therewithal Selena took part in a voicework to various cartoons. A young lady formed the pop-rock band Selena Gomez and the Scene. Their debut album was released in August 2009. Up to this day the girl played roles in more than twenty films and series.

Selena Gomez

Speaking about Selena Gomez it ought to be mentioned that this girl has a Selena Gomezconspicuous appearance. Recently a young girl was accused in the fact that  she gained extra weight. Now her weight is 60 kg, and the singer considers such a weight to be normal for her. But during the vacation in Mexico Selena was noticed on the beach with her friends. Her admirers saw the changes in her figure and threw her a hint that it was necessary to reduce it. But Gomez was strict in her comments and insisted on the fact that no one had the right to point out her disadvantages.

Selena is not only a gifted person, who cares only about her career. She also worked for charitable causes and was named UNICEF’s spokesperson at the age of seventeen. Selena encouraged the others to raise many in order to help children. A young actress also starred in various public service advertisings.

Speaking about Selena’s personal life it is necessary to say that she dated with Justin Bieber, who was two years junior. Their relationship is stormy because they constantly break up and again start dating. They are a nice couple but still they are too young to think about serious relations. It is even rumoured that they wanted to marry each other but no one can confirm such rumours.
Selena Gomez
If to speak about her clothing, everyone can noticed that the young girl tries to imitate the style of Gwyneth Paltrow and Rachel Bilson.

Girl likes basketball, surfing and cheerleading. She also likes animals and has five dogs.

In 2012 she launched her own line of perfume, which was called “Selena Gomez”. Since recently she launched her clothing line, called “Dream Out Loud”. The clothes are made especially for young people and the actress takes an active part in designing of clothes.

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