Date of birth: January 20, 1956 (Age: 61 year)

Height: 5’8” (173 cm)

Weight: 165 lb (74 kg)

Bill Maher's height, weight and age

Hair color: Pepper and salt

Eye color: Gray

Bill Maher's eyes and hair color

Bill Maher is known to the wide audience for his involvement into heated political discussions. In everyday life, Bill is a person who is much more interested in sport than in politics.

According to the comic, he is an adherent of healthy lifestyle. Bill Maher can’t imagine his life without basketball and training sessions. He says that active lifestyle not only keeps him fitted, but also keeps his energy level high.

Love to sport is not accidental. At the very childhood Bill was interested in baseball, but later on his passion switched to basketball. Every day the man goes out and plays for about half an hour. Besides, on weekends he gathers his friends to organize more serious game.

Another healthy hobby is weightlifting. Twice a week Bill Maher meets his personal coach to train and just have a good time. He says that he works hard because he wants the money he has paid to be worth it. Furthermore, at home the celeb has a stationary bicycle – to train every day and to keep body in tonus.

Bill says he hasn’t eaten junk food for already 15 years. He tries to follow healthy rules.

Actually, the rule is pretty simple: sugar is an enemy, fruit and vegetables – good friend. Every morning Bill drinks a huge glass of fruit or vegetable juice – it supplies with energy.

Of course, he also likes desserts, but not that much – he can live a day without it. Still, when it happens to dine out, Bill orders something tasty and eats just a little piece – it’s quite enough to feel comfortable with his own appetite.

Bill Maher's height, weight and age

When it’s possible, Bill Maher excludes alcohol beverages. He confessed that earlier he used to drink really much, but realized the harm for the organism and figure. Very sensible choice!

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