Date of birth: November 5, 1952 (Age: 64 years)

Height: 6’11” (210 cm)

Weight: 210 pounds (96 kg)

Bill Walton's height, weight and age

Hair color: Blonde (Red hair when he was young)

Eye color: Gray

Bill Walton's eyes and hair color

Our body needs a certain amount of protein to be healthy and stay in optimal form. And although meat is considered its main source, it is certainly not the only one. A lot of athletes refused to eat it in favor of plant products. Some people may think that it is harmful to their physical form, but many of vegetarian athletes have won medals in countless competitions and have gone down in history as some of the best in their sports.

Famous American basketball player, two-time NBA champion Bill Walton is one of these vegetarians. While studying at UCLA, he won the College Player of the Year award three times in a row and was named MVP (the most valuable player) during his time in the NBA. All of that was possible to him without the use of animal protein. A true vegetarian Walton is still working today outside the field as a speaker.

Two main reasons for people to become vegetarians and to refuse meat are the care of one’s own health (industrial meat contains antibiotics and other harmful substances) and ethical-ecological (the meat industry is extremely cruel to nature and to animals).

However, regardless of the reason, switching to vegetarian food makes the diet rich, but not poor, as it is often considered. Despite the fact that red meat contains a lot of iron, zinc and vitamin B12, the body’s need for these trace elements is easily covered by other products.

If you are a lacto-vegetarian and include dairy products in the diet, you can easily use ordinary sports protein, since the vast majority of brands are made from whey – there are only two or three brands that produce protein from meat.

Bill Walton's height, weight and age

As for creatine, originally obtained from the muscle tissue of animals, it has long been synthesized by chemical methods. Sports creatine monohydrate is a fully vegan product. The same applies to L-carnitine, effective, in fact, exclusively for vegetarians.

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