Weight: 59 kg

Blake Lively - Celebrity Weight, Height and Age

Blake Lively

Height: 178 cm

Date of birth: 25th of August, 1987 (Age 28)

Blake Lively actress is known by her roles in such movies and TV shows as “Gossip Girl”, “Green Lantern” and “The Age of Adaline”. She is also a famous model, who works with such brands as Chanel, L’Oreal and Gucci.

Of course, Blake Lively makes a successful career of a model due to her well shaped body. The star is tall and slim and her body is well trained.

Blake Lively - Celebrity Weight, Height and Age

Blake Lively

Blake Lively was born to be a celebrity; she is perfect and looks natural on the screen. Nevertheless she had never dreamed about becoming an actress.

Blake Lively Bio

Blake Ellender Brown was born in 1987, on the 25th of August in Tarzana (near LA). Blake Lively family was extremely big. She had five siblings. Blake came from a show business family and all her brothers and sisters dreamed to become actors. The daughter of Ernest Wilson Brown, Jr, who was an actor and film director, and of Elaine McAlpin, a talent manager, she was a brilliant student at school. Blake was a cheerleader and class president. Extremely clever and beautiful girl dreamed to make some serious career. She wanted to enter the University.

Blake Lively - Celebrity Weight, Height and Age

Blake Lively

But her father changed her plans. He was looking for a teen actress in his new movie Sandman. The role of a Tooth Fairy was ideal for Blake, but the teen girl looked too stout. It was the first time, when Blake kept to a diet and lost several extra kilos. Thus she won the role. Her father had a stage moniker Ernie Lively. The girl took his fictional surname “Lively” and soon made it popular.

Blake Lively - Celebrity Weight, Height and Age

Blake Lively in ‘The Sisterhood of the traveling Pants’

Her breaking role was in the film “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”. The young actress became popular and soon she was casted in the projects, which brought her to stardom. It was CW series “Gossip Girl”.

Blake Lively heroines are very different, but they are always good looking. And her great body is not the last argument for people all over the world, who get tickets to the local movie theater “to watch the new film with Blake”.

Blake Lively - Celebrity Weight, Height and Age

Blake Lively in ‘Gossip Girl’

But Blake Lively used to tell in her interviews that she does almost nothing to remain so slim. She hates sports and never keeps to a diet. In fact, Blake started her career, when she was very young and it was not hard to be well shaped without diets. But everything had changed, when Blake became a mother for the first time.

Blake Lively - Celebrity Weight, Height and Age

Blake Lively. First Pregnancy

Blake Lively Personal Life

Blake Lively beauty was the reason of her success at a film set. And of course it was the reason of her long dating history as extremely elegant and attractive Lively was always surrounded by a wide circle of fans. Blake Lively and Penn Badgley affair added some extra popularity to their project “Gossip Girl”. They became the most popular couple and the teens got crazy, trying to learn all the details of their affair. The actors spent their free time together. Penn devoted Blake his songs and of course the fans expected them to get engaged. But they split.

Blake Lively - Celebrity Weight, Height and Age

Blake Lively. Penn Badgley

Blake Lively was also known to date the star Leo DiCaprio. The actress confessed in her interview that she was the fan of Leo since Titanic times. But their affair was not long.

Blake Lively - Celebrity Weight, Height and Age

Leo DiCaprio. Blake Lively

The actress met ex-husband of Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds at a film set of “Green Lantern”. Soon Blake Lively married to Ryan Reynolds. Blake Lively – Ryan Reynolds wedding was arranged on the 9th of September, 2012. In December, 2014 Blake Lively gave a birth to a marvelous daughter James. The actress was so happy to become a mother, that she hadn’t even notice, she lost her shape.

Blake Lively - Celebrity Weight, Height and Age

Ryan Reynolds. Blake Lively

Blake Lively Workouts and Dieting

Blake Lively, who had never kept to a diet, was shocked, when she saw, how her body changed after pregnancy. She decided to hire a personal trainer. Don Saladino is a famous trainer in Hollywood, who helped the stars to lose the weight and get well shaped legs, butt and abs.

Blake Lively Celebrity Weight Height and Age

Don Saladino. Blake Lively

He advised Blake Lively to train 6 times per week to get rid of extra kilos after pregnancy. Blake Lively trained a lot. One day she trained the lower part of her body. The other day she trained upper body. The next day she did a lot of swimming. Then she did cardio. And finally she worked out her hands and shoulders.

Find Out How Blake Lively Gets Those Long, Lean Legs!

The actress kept to a diet too. She ate 4 times a day. Gossip Girl actress included in her menu a lot of fruit and vegetables. She refused from sweet things, white bread, potatoes, sausages and alcohol.

The actress ate fresh food, proteins, drank 2 gallons of water daily, and tried to have coffee just once a day in the morning. Soon she became as slim as she used to be before pregnancy.

It is interesting to know that Blake Lively looked extremely sexual during her pregnancy. She was included in numerous hot lists as the most beautiful pregnant star. In spite of her big belly, an actress was great. She chose tight clothes, which made her belly noticeable, and was proud of her state.

Blake Lively - Celebrity Weight, Height and Age

Blake Lively

Now she is a mother of a great girl and her body remains slim. Not long ago she demonstrated her ideal shape on the beach, where she was caught by paparazzi. Blake’s body was perfect!

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