Some people do their best, trying to make career in the field of entertainment. The others were born in families of famous parents. It seems that if your parents are pop star, your future is going to be clear, happy and bright. If the others spend many years, struggling for their success, the doors of success are always opened in front of star children. Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown used to be beautiful as her mother. She was talented too. Unfortunately, her talent and the help of her parents couldn’t prevent her from early terrible death.
Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobbi Kristina Brown Biography

Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown was born on the 4th of March, 1993. The girl’s parents, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown were so happy, when they saw their daughter for the first time. She was so beautiful and had such a clear face, that Whitney felt, from this moment her life was going to change. The pop legend was ready to forget about her career and to devote herself to that little baby, who was sleeping in the cradle. Whitney hoped, the small girl would help her to strengthen her marriage with Bobby Brown.

Bobbi Kristina Brown


Bobbi Kristina Brown

Whitney liked her husband so much, but he was fond of drinking and used drugs. Whitney got used to drugs too.

Of course, it was a bad sample for her small daughter. From 14 years old Kristina Brown was smoking. She drank alcohol and was fond of parties. Her legendary mother divorced with Bobby Brown. It was a good idea, as their marriage had become already dangerous for the star. The ex-husband beat her from time to time. Their scandals were so painful for Kristina Brown.

The girl was talented. Her mother wanted Christina Brown to make career as a musician.

Bobbi Kristina Sings Whitney Houston’s “I’m Your Baby Tonight”


When Christina Brown was only 6, she performed on the stage for the first time. Together with her mother the girl sang a song “My Love is Your Love”. The fans of Whitney were impressed by the voice of her daughter. She was going to inherit the fame of her mother.  Bobbi Kristina Brown singing was admired by both, Whitney and Bobby. Later the girl appeared on the stage several times, supported by her mother. Bobbi Kristina Brown singing used to be good enough, but to develop her skills, she had to train a lot.
Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobby didn’t want to work hard. She liked to entertain. She wasn’t fond of her school lessons and she hated the idea to enter the college. Probably, the girl had no reasons to do it. Bobbi Kristina net worth used to be more than 10 million dollars. Her mother was going to leave all her money to her single daughter. Bobbi Christina could inherit her money, when she would become 30. If the daughter would die earlier of that age, her grandmother would become the owner of all Bobbi Kristina net worth. It was the condition of Whitney Houston. Poor mother, it seemed, she felt, that her daughter would die much earlier.

Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina – A Mother’s Love

Later Bobbi Christina took part in several sitcoms. She had a great future as an actress too. Producers of TV series tried to convince the talented and beautiful girl to care about her career and start working. Bobbi Christina was ready to follow their advice. But in 2012 her mother died.

Sudden terrible death of her mother was shocking for her daughter. Bobbi Kristina was crying all day long. She drank too much and used drugs. She knew, they were the reasons of her mother’s early death. They ruined the marriage of her parents. The girl knew that drugs were the evil for everyone. But it was the only way she knew to relax and forget about her sorrows.

Her father cared about his daughter. At the same time he started the new life. He found a new love. He was going to marry. He missed Whitney too. But not so desperately as their daughter did.

The only person, who could share the sorrow of Bobby Christina, was her brother, Nick Gordon. Whitney adopted that boy. She brought up two children together. One day their friendship turned into love.
Bobbi Kristina Brown and  Nick Gordon

Nick tried to understand Bobbi Kristina. At the same time he shared her drug and alcoholic parties. Some months later he offered her to marry. The news that Bobbi Kristina married was shocking to both, her father and her grandmother. They tried to convince their dear girl to think a little. Nick was always drunk, he didn’t like to work. And he was interested in Bobbi Kristina’s money – it was noticeable at first sight.

In spite of her granny’s words and her father’s ban, Bobbi Kristina married.

Coming to an End

Her marriage was not happy. Nick was always intoxicated. He beat the fragile girl and stole money from her purse. Once she understood that he was cheating her. Bobbi Kristina was unhappy. Drugs were the only possible way out of depression.

In January, 2015 they decided to make party with the closest friends. Bobbi Kristina, Nick Gordon, their friends, Max and Daniela, gathered in Kristina’s house. They started to party. Nick drank a lot.
Bobbi Kristina Brown and  Nick Gordon

Nobody knows exactly, what happened that night. The versions are different. Some of people think, Bobbi Kristina was just dragged and that’s why she lost consciousness in the bath tub, full of water. The others are inclined to think, that Nick beat the woman. He was going to leave Kristina as he cheated her with Daniela for a long time.

Bobbi Kristina Brown

The woman was almost dead. Doctors induced her to coma. Thus they hoped to help the woman. But in July the news appeared that Bobbi Kristina Brown dead.

Unfortunately, doctors couldn’t save her. She was buried on the 3rd of August, 2015. Her mother’s voice supported the girl on her last trip. She was buried during her mother’s song.

Bobbi Kristina Brown dead, but till now the reasons of her death are not clear. Her father, Bobby Brown, promised to create the center for victims of domestic violence in memory of Bobbi Kristina.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Documentary

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