Dog Winnie (female Labradoodle)

Labradoodle, as well as any active breed of dog needs long walks, intense games, in order to splash their energy. This breed needs at least two times a day outdoors. One walk should last at least an hour. That is a short explanation why Bethany is often spotted with her beloved Bethany. She loves her doggie so much that she would spent all her time together.

Bethany Mota pets - dog Winnie

dog Winnie

Winnie is a real lady. The dog always looks well-groomed, so we can only imagine how much effort it takes to take care after it. However, take care of this dog is not as difficult as it seems – wool must be cut every 1-2 months, it is recommended to wash the dog about the same.

We don’t know whether Winnie is trained and whether it can perform any foci or not, but it’s a well-known fact that due to their smartest ancestors, Labradoodle is highly intelligent and is easy to train.

You can try to train the dog of this breed from the very moment of its appearance at home. Due to his cheerful character, Labradoodle perfectly absorbs new knowledge in a process of a game.

Bethany Mota pet - dog Winnie

dog Winnie

Winnie’s hick and dense hair allows it to thrive even in adverse conditions – rain, snow, wind, making it the perfect companion for rescuers. In addition to this, Labradoodle also has strong smell.

These doggies called designer’s dogs. They have no relation to the world of fashion, just by mixing breeds, the breeders wanted to achieve some improvement of the dogs – to eliminate some hereditary disease or, for example, make their coat hypoallergenic.

However, an unusual breed quickly became popular and conquered the hearts of many dog owners around the world. Bethany Mota is one of them. She adores her Winnie so much that she doesn’t like being apart from it.

Bethany adores taking photos with her dog and sharing in on her social pages. We like it too and we hope that pleasure to observe them will last for long. They two seem to belong together – deep love for long years.

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