Date of birth: December 8, 1986 (Age: 29 years)

Height: 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)

Weight: 155 pounds (70 kg)

Boxer Amir Khan`s eyes and hair color

Amir Khan body measurements:

Waist: 32 in (81, 3 cm)

Chest: 40 in (101, 6 cm)

Biceps: 14 in (35, 5 cm)

Hair colour: Black

Eye Color: Dark brown

Boxer Amir Khan`s height, weight and age

To get ready to a fight, Amir Khan trains almost every day. The boxer combines cardio and strength training and dedicates one day to swimming session. Besides, Wednesday for Amir is a day off to give some ret to the body.

At that time, when we watch boxing matches, we see toned athletes with relief muscles. Many of us feel strongly envious (of course, except for bouts of weight limitation). However, few people know that when the fight is played out, the boxer can gain a lot of extra weight. It may seem rather strange. So why does it happen?

There is a popular opinion, according to which having an equal level of technique, with equal performance in speed and endurance, wins a bigger boxer. Since the boxers make significant efforts to meet the framework of the weight division, it is important to pay attention directly on the weighing procedure.

Olympic boxing has introduced such rules, that the fighters are weighed in the morning on the day of the fight, sometimes in a couple of hours before the actual fight. Thus, there is no possibility of rapid gain or loss of weight. For tis sake, in fact, these rules were established.

Boxer Amir Khan`s current body shape

Almost every professional boxer cheats in the question of weight. This provides the advantage in weight and dimensions during the fight. Optimum weight gain is five kilograms. In case if a boxed gains more than five kilograms, he will be very exhausted and he will not be ready for the challenges and stresses of the upcoming fight.

However, there is the other hand in this issue.

For a few months before the fight, the boxer’s diet is strictly limited, and the less time rests to the fight, the harder the conditions become. This restriction applies even to the amount of water consumption. After the fight, the boxer’s body needs it and a fighter starts eating off, gaining very fast about 15-25 kilograms over his weight category.

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