Date of birth: November 22, 1967 (Age 49)

Full name: Boris Franz Becker

Born Place: Leimen, Germany

Height: 6’1.5’’ (186.7 cm)

Weight: 85 kg (187.4 pounds)

Boris Becker's height, weight and age

Shoe size: 11.5 US

Hair color: Blond

Eye color: Blue

Boris Becker's eyes and hair color

The renowned retired tennis player Boris Becker made his way into fame at a very young age. By the age of 17, he already became the youngest male tennis champion.

Growing up with a family that could help in harnessing his gift, Boris began practising at his dad’s tennis centre. As early as 8 years old, he started competing in tennis and by 16 he went into professional tennis after dropping out of school during his 10th grade.

From this point, Boris future seemed very bright as he kept winning various championships. He went ahead to win over 5 championship awards as well as about 50 other single titles retiring at the age of 31.

Boris retirement from tennis at 31 was an opportunity for him to spread his nets into various other ventures. A year after he retired, he ventured into the manufacturing industry owning the tennis department of Völkl Inc. which produced clothing and racquets.

In 2003, he became a BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) commentator and also published his book The Player.

Being competitive in nature, Boris could not help but venture into another field that fed that area of his life and therefore went into poker. He created a successful career as a poker player going as far as the European and World tour. By 2013, he had earned up to thirty thousand euros via poker.

After poker, he went back into tennis but this time as a coach. He as well succeeded in this profession coaching the incredible Novak Djokovic and various other players.

Coaching Novak Djokovic gave him another taste of his past glory as he played a vital role in earning him 20 out of his 42 titles.

Boris Becker's height, weight and age

Despite all of Boris achievements over the last 3-decades through his multiple ventures, bankruptcy is definitely an alarming fall from the peak of success. As the situation of recovering from this state seems hopeless, we still keep our fingers crossed hoping he scales through this extreme crisis.

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