Date of birth: May 20, 1975 (Age: 42 years)

Height: 6’1” (185 cm)

Weight: 207 pounds (94 kg)

Busta Rhymes height, weight and age

Shoe size: 12(US)/45(EU)

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Dark brown

Busta Rhymes' eyes and hair color

Celebrities live public life, so they have no right for mistakes. Any changes in their appearance is noticed and discussed.

Today, when we hear name Busta Rhymes, in our mind immediately pops out the image of brutal muscled musician. But if we trace back his body transformations, we’ll see that he not always looked like this.

To get strong and pumped body Busta worked hard – he used to spend much time in a gym. Usually, he trains about 5-6 times a week, but not less than 3 – it’s his rule. The emphasis is made upon weightlifting. Besides, he rides a bicycle or walks a lot.

The singer can’t be called a great fan of cardio training. He doesn’t like running, but just for one reason – he wants his muscles to grow, but not to tear them. A few years ago he didn’t think about his training routine that seriously and didn’t plan his training sessions wisely. Now, Busta Rhymes has changed his approach to working out and works hard to gain the shape he wants.

Busta made great work not just because he achieved good results, but also because he inspired his own mother to follow his example.

Busta Rhymes' height, weight and age

Geraldine Green lost about 84 kilos and supported many people who were fighting with excess weight. This number is really impressive, but it was not an easy way. The transformation was gradual and long. Unfortunately, it was not just a healthy desire to lose weight that prompted Geraldine to take up acting. After she was diagnosed with diabetes, she stopped looking for indulgences and decided to get rid of extra pounds.

It seems that all this family turned to healthy lifestyle. They do spot and try to follow healthy eating tips. Of course, there are always some things to perfect, though current results are quite satisfying.

Busta Rhymes' height, weight and age

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