Dog Jaxx (black and white Husky) – probably since 2014

Dog Jake – died in 2016

The dogs occupy a special place in the life of Cameron and in his Instagram.

Unfortunately, this summer gained dark shadow for Cam and his sister. The young actor paid tribute to his beloved doggie Jake. Jake had been a member of the family for long years, so Cameron couldn’t but honor the dog and its role in the celeb’s life.

Cameron announced that loss on his Instagram page where he posted two photos with Jake – the dog’s first day in the family and one of the latest photos. These guys looked really great together.

Cameron Dallas` pet dog Jake

dog Jake

Cameron said that he was totally in love with Jake from his very first day at home. It’s never easy to lose a close friend, so Cameron needs some time to cope with this loss. On his Twitter the star admitted that he’s going to have a kind of vacations and he would be out of range for some time.

In 2014 Cameron Dallas had a photo session with JustJared. His companion in the shooting was a gorgeous dog – husky Max. Max was a rescued dog that immediately conquered Cam’s heart. Cameron couldn’t stop thinking about the dog and as a result, he adopted Jaxx.

However, there was one thing that Cameron didn’t like in the dog – its name. Jazz got a new name – Max and joined the family.

Jaxx is an unusual dog – it has different eyes – one is blue and the other is hazel. Cameron can’t live without his furry friend that became a kind of consolation after Jake’s death.

The internet star shares the new photos on his social pages almost every day. They two look sweet together. Hopefully, Cameron’s example will inspire more people not to buy dogs, but to adopt them.

Husky dogs are fast, athletic with a light gait. Siberian Husky are very friendly and gentle with all the family members. However, closer and deep relationship they establish with only one person of the family.

Cameron Dallas` pet dog Jaxx

dog Jaxx

Sometimes Huskies can be a bit stubborn. But the well-trained Siberian Huskies are wonderful companions and close friends for the children.

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