Date of birth: April 20, 1972 (Age: 44 years)

Height: 5′ 3(159 cm)

Weight: 126 pounds (57 kg)

Carmen Electra`s height, weight and age

Carmen Electra body measurements:

Waist: 25(64 cm)

Chest: 37″ (94 cm)

Hips: 36″ (92 cm)

Bra size: 32E

Shoe size: 6 (US)/36-37 (US)

Hair colour: Light brown

Eye Color: Blue

Carmen Electra`s eyes, hair color

Playboy magazine made many girls famous. Carmen Electra was not an exception. However, after so many years, Electra not only saved her beauty, but also maintained a slim figure. The secret of her harmonic body shape is not only in genetics. This is the result of many hours of daily dance classes and strip aerobics, which Carmen Electra loves a lot.

She does a lot of dancing. She dances wherever she can. And basically, she dances striptease that keeps her in good shape.

Actually, her breasts made her way to Hollywood. It’s a common practice among the celebrities. At the very beginning, Carmen wanted to look like Pamela Anderson and achieve the success.

Carmen is sure that any woman can be attractive. Striptiz is the same dance as any other, but here it is important to learn how to get rid of nice clothes, how to move, etc. According to Carmen, strip aerobics classes burn a lot of calories, but without going to the gym and jogging. Besides, Carmen does many exercises for keeping her belly flat.

Carmen Electra has repeatedly gave the recommendation for women on how to eat properly. At the same time, she herself follows the diet that allows eating sweets and bakery, but in reasonable amount.

In the weekly schedule Carmen has a so-called “day of rest” when she eats pizza, and pastries, and even favorite rice cakes with caramel, and indeed many of the “forbidden” foods. However, the next day, Carmen adds an hour of physical activity during the day and drinks only non-carbonated mineral water and eats only fruit and vegetable salads.

Carmen Electra is sure that if you are young and in good shape, sometimes you have to forget about the need to follow a diet and just learn how to relax.

Although, at times, the actress adheres to the diet plan based on the maintenance of blood sugar levels. This technique helps to lose up to 4 kilos per week. The diet is based on fresh vegetables, nuts, cereals and animal proteins.

The initial phase of the diet is designed for 15 days. During this time, it is recommended to eat chicken, seafood, vegetables and nuts.

Carmen Electra`s height, weight and age

However, Carmen rejects such products: pasta, all kinds of bakery, rice, potato, fruit, sweets and alcohol.

Second phase is made up for 21 days. During this period the actress eats carbohydrates. She allows herself to eat some pasta, fruits, rice, chocolate and rye bread.

The final phase may take as much time as you want. However, if you do not have much will-power, instead of losing weight you can put on weight. The first stage takes the main weight of the diet. In the second stage weight loss slows down. The third stage aims to fix the result.

Carmen Electra drinks 2-2.5 liters of filtered water a day. The water helps to keep the water balance and to get rid of the many skin problems.

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