Date of birth:  January 02, 1975 (Age 43)

Full name: Charles Burgess Kelley

Born place: Augusta, Georgia, USA

Height: 6’6’’ (198.1 cm)

Weight: 89.8 kg (198 pounds)

Charles Kelley’s height, weight and age

Shoe size: 13 US

Hair color: Light Brown

Eye color: Blue

Charles Kelley’s eyes and hair color

Charles Kelley is a very talented singer and songwriter who always had musical dreams right from his childhood. From the early age of 11, he started his musical career and already began getting the right connections for his career. As a teenager, he joined forces with his brother and created a band named Inside Blue.

However, Charles believed in always having a plan B and remained in high school even furthering his education at the University of Georgia where he majored in finance. Before pursuing his acting career full time, Charles worked for some time in a construction company under the finance department.

Charles career hit its initial peak after him and two other well-known musicians, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood, came together and formed the group Lady Antebellum in 2006.

2 years later, they released their first album which was a huge hit as it was ranked as a number one album under the country category in the US and UK. Their next album titled Need You Now was even a bigger hit and was ranked a number one single all across the US, Canada and New Zealand.

It also sold over 3.6 million copies in the US alone. So far, they have won 52 awards and nominated for 134 others.

Over the years, Charles has maintained a very fit figure. Though his workout and diet plan is unknown, we can assume that probably his active lifestyle plays a significant role in attaining that body or just really good genes, but we can definitely say that whatever he is doing is working.

His great figure blended with such compelling eyes, charming smile and that incredible voice has formed the perfect recipe that keeps ladies drooling all over him.

Charles Kelley’s height, weight and age

His sense of style has not changed much as he sticks to his signature look of a pair of jeans, a casual plaid shirt and a leather jacket. However, whenever he is attending a formal event, he suits up.

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