Date of birth: April 12, 1979 (Age: 37 years)

Height: 5’ 5,5” (166 cm)

Weight: 119 pounds (54 kg)

Claire Danes' height, weight and body measurements

Claire Danes body measurements:

Chest: 34” (87 cm)

Waist: 23” (58,5 cm)

Hips: 34” (87 cm)

Bra size: 34A

Shoe size: 8 (US)/ 38 (EU)

Hair color: Dyed blonde

Eye color: Gray

Claire Danes' eyes and hair color

Claire Danes, with the height of 166 cm, is a beautiful American actress.

Her figure does not represent anything special – quite average. Claire’s hips are wide, she has long torso, but her legs are short. Besides, her breasts have rather symbolic character.

After birth, slightly weighted and without that not an elegant bottom, but in general the figure has not undergone radical changes.

The actress of intellectual cinema, therefore, with her assortment of roles doesn’t required a super figure. Nevertheless, like any other woman Claire Danes wants to look great and slim 24 per 7.

Do you want to keep yourself in top form? Go to the gym, where a professional trainer will make for you a suitable training circuit. If for training you need additional motivation – read the story of the famous actress Claire Danes.

Active jogging, intensive training with weights and much more – all this Claire does to keep herself in top form, no matter what’s going on.

Many will agree that acting skills are more important than appearance. However, even these people probably admit that if other things are equal, the presence of attractive appearance is a real advantage.

It is not easy to support oneself in good form. Almost every modern actor has his own training program and personal trainer. Danes is no exception. Her coach, Joe Dowdell, developed for the actress a special program of training.

First, Claire has to do a very, very lot running session. Secondly, Danes pays great attention to work with weights. The general sports program of an actress is complemented with a love of power walking and dancing.

The last two points at first glance may seem like a trifle, but any professional will confirm that both these exercises can seriously affect the athletic form and, if properly implemented, require considerable endurance, agility, strength and energy reserve.Claire Danes' height, weight and body measurements

Claire Danes herself claims that the physical component of training does not particularly appeal to her. It is far more important for the actress to relax with her soul and mind. Claire said that a whole series of the happiest moments in her life is connected with dancing.

It is quite possible that there are still a lot of such moments for the actress in the future.

It can be a long time to enumerate all the exercises that the actress does, and simply copying someone’s program can be simply useless. A truly effective training program is always made for a specific person, taking into account his personal characteristics and level of preparation.

Claire Danes' height, weight and body measurements

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