Ben Stiller Parents:

Jerry Stiller (father), Anne Meara (mother)

Ben Stiller Parents

Jerry Stiller (father), Anne Meara (mother)

Ben Stiller Siblings:

Amy Stiller (elder sister)

Ben Stiller Siblings

Amy Stiller

Ben Stiller Marital Status:


Ben Stiller Wife:

Christine Taylor (since 2000)

Ben Stiller Wife

Christine Taylor

Ben Stiller Children:

1. Ella Olivia Stiller (daughter with Christine Taylor)

2. Quinlin Dempsey Stiller (son with Christine Taylor)

Ben Stiller Children

1. Ella Olivia Stiller
2. Quinlin Dempsey Stiller

Ben Stiller is a famous comic and actor. It is hard to hold back a smile, when you look at him. Ben inherited his talent to make people laugh from his parents.

Jerry Stiller, a standup comedian, met a talented girl Anne Meara in early 50s. Anne was frustrated and lonely as her mother committed a suicide, when her daughter was in her teens. In 1953 the couple got wedded and gave a birth to two talented children, Amy and Ben. Both of them became actors later. Now Ben’s father is still alive, but his mother died in 2015. The reason of her death is not clear but it was defined as “natural”. His mom was 85, when she passed away.

Ben Stiller likes to recollect his early years in his mind. The actor tells that his childhood was very unusual; it was full of travelling and late night sleeping. His parents became popular due to their comedy show “Stiller and Meara”. Ben started his acting career at the age of 6, appearing alongside his parents. Now Ben directs many similar projects and his sister Amy appears in some of them. While filming “Heat Vision and Jack” Ben met his future wife.

Christine Taylor was an actress and she was casted to the project “Heat Vision and Jack” in 1999. It was directed by charismatic Ben Stiller and Christine agreed to take part in it. The movie had never been released, but Ben and Christine were not sorry, because that film gave them opportunity to know each other. As Ben used to tell later, he was not going to marry. He just invited a beautiful actress for a date, then they visited several parties together and only later an actor felt that Christine Taylor was a special person for him.

Ben Stiller Family

Ben Stiller. Family

They got engaged in November, 1999 and wedded on the 13th of May, 2000. The ceremony was held in Kauai, Hawaii and was quite private.

Mr. and Mrs. Stiller have celebrated their 16th anniversary not long ago. They are the parents of two great children, Ella Olivia Stiller (born in April, 10, 2002) and Quinlin Dempsey Stiller (born July, 10, 2005). Quinlin has already starred in the movie alongside his father.

Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller managed to create a great family. They are still in love with each other.

Ben Stiller Family

Ben Stiller. Family

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