Date of birth: August 23, 1996
Full name: Miles Parks McCollum
Birthplace: Mableton, Georgia, United States
Height: 5’ 10.5” (179 cm)
Weight: 161 lbs (73 kg)

Lil Yachty body measurements:

Hair color: Black (natural), but he dyes it pink
Eye color: Chocolate brown

Lil Yachty body measurements

If you look up real rap with soft funny notes, you should listen to Lil Yachty songs, such as “Minnesota”, and “One Night”. His magnificent music makes people addicted to it and lives rent-free in their heads constantly.

He was raised in Mableton, Georgia as Miles Parks McCollum. His father Shannon McCollum is a famous photographer, who made photo sessions for celebrities. Since the earliest years, Miles dreamed of making music. He quit studying at Alabama State University to become a professional musician. Miles chose Lil Yachty as his stage moniker. He moved to New York to seek new career opportunities.

Lil Yachty gained wide popularity as an Instagram star at first. Later he released the single “One Night” through Soundcloud, which brought him initial popularity in the hip-hop world.
After that, he took part in several high-end collaborations, which cemented his status as a rising music star. He recorded a song “Broccoli” with the rapper Shelley Massenburg-Smith, widely known as DRAM. The single was included in DRAM’s debut album and got a Grammy nomination in 2016.

That was a great start for Lil Yachty, and he continued to develop his initial success. The rapper released his first studio album “Teenage Emotions” in 2017. Many hip-hop stars contributed to Lil Yachty’s album. Diplo, Migos and Kamaiyah are among them.

Lil Yachty

As of 2023, Lil Yachty boasts five music albums. All his songs featured on the Billboard 200 among the first 20 hit albums.

The secret of Lil Yachty’s popularity is his unique voice and unusual music style, which he calls “Bubblegum trap”. His rap is softer than usual and looks like an interesting mixture of classical hip-hop and pop music. Thus, his songs sound more light-minded, which attracts new fans to Yachty. But while working on his fifth album “Let’s Start Here”, he experimented with the music genre and played so-called psychedelic rock.

Yachty makes experiments not just on his beats, but also on his hair. The rapper changed his hairdo at least 25 times since he came into the limelight. His hair color is naturally black, but he dyes it into different shades of pink and red. Very often he does his hair braided. The braids are quite short, colored in some tint of pink, and decorated with small diamond rings at their ends.

Lil Yachty is of average height. In addition, he has an ideally shaped fat-free body. The music star is a foodie, and he doesn’t keep to a diet. He is fond of chips, cheese puffs, and honey barbeque.

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