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Kat Von D – Tattoo lady

kat-von-dKatherine von Drachenberg, who is better known as Kat Von D in the world, is a bright and daring lady in her uniqueness.

Kat is obviously talented and became famous for this reason. And it is no exaggeration to say that she is the most  famous tattoo artist in the world!

Famous lady tattoo, which according to her words can’t stand cosmetologists. But these are only words, actually Kat Von D periodically runs to the familiar beautician and inject her tattooed forehead secretly from everyone.

A few words about Kat Von D, that all became clear. She was born in a small village in Mexico, then in 4-year old together with his brother and sister was taken to the United States. Mom and dad really wanted to see young Catherine as a pianist in the future, but… Neglected piano, Catherine was fascinated by the tattoo.

And became one of the brightest tattooed stars – Kat Von D. The girl discovered passion for tattoo art at the age of 14, when she made her first tattoo. Young Kat was so excited about the process of applying the paint to the skin that she decided to master this difficult skill.

Kat-Von-D plasticsFirstly, Kat Von D got a job in one of the famous salons in Los Angeles, and then opened her own. How many pictures are today on the body of the star, perhaps, she does not even know herself. But Kat Von D can confidently say how many drawings it can be applied to the skin for a specific period of time. A few years ago, Kat Von D got into the Guinness book of the record by doing 400 tattoos in an hour.

Video: Kat Von D in Australia – The Morning Show interview

The real fame came to Kat in 2007 when she was invited to the program on the TLC channel where she did tattoo clients in live broadcast, gave various tips and conducted workshops for aspiring tattooists. So the stars are born… an example implementation of the great American dream, from rags and … telestar.

Kat Von D had always said that she would never love the plastic surgery that she did not go even to the beautician, saying ” any cosmetology is resting under our tattoos “. And, as it turns out, this beauty rests not bad.

Rumored Kat Von D was doing a breast augmentation, but confidently talk about it we can’t. There is no exact information about it. She could do liposuction, judging by the photo, where there are hanging layers of fat on her sides.

Kat-Von-D plastics

Kat Von D plastic surgery before and after

Besides there are a great numbers of photos where we can see that Kat Never-not-going-to-the-beautician goes to him regularly! Botox. Exactly, there is Botox on her forehead, temples and under the nose. They say she did browlift as well.

Experts say that most likely she does Botox injections. They can’t say how regularly, but the skin of her forehead, especially on the left side, under the tattoo, is under the action of Botox. And lips, her lips are most likely with implants. “You can also talk about her nose, it may be a good quality rhinoplasty,” – says plastic surgeon David Shafer.

Kat Von D photo Before & After

Kat Von D plastics

Kat Von D plastic surgery before and after

Here we have tattooed transformer under Botox, who would doubt. And of course, Kat Von D looks more older then her age.

Kat Von D plastics

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