Height: 176 cmKat Von D

Weight: 59 kg

Date of birth: 8th of March, 1982 (Age 34)

Her visiting cards are the big eyes and tattoos all over the body. A model, musician and TV personality Kat Von D managed to make a great career, starting from a modest tattoo master and then developing into a world known star.

Kat Von D Biography

Kat Von D was born in 1982, on the 8th of March in Mexico. Her parents, Rene Drachenberg and Sylvia Galeano, had three children. Kat Von D was called Katherine Drachenberg, when she was a child. When the girl was 3, she moved to USA with her brother, sister and parents. There small Katherine spent her childhood. She used to be smart, clever and extremely beautiful. From the earliest years the girl was interested in music, that’s why her grandmother took Katherine to the music school. There the girl was fond of classical music, but when she became a teenager, she started to listen to music of popular rock bands.

Kat Von D Kat Von D

Several years later Katherine made her first tattoo. She wrote the letter “J” on her ankle. Girl’s friends valued the work of Katherine very high. They told, she had a talent to make tattoos. Thus the girl made up her mind to become a tattoo artist.


Katherine Drachenberg started her career from covering her body with tattoos. Kat Von D tattoos look really impressive. They say, she has more than 30 tattoos over her body. Most part of Kat’s tattoos devoted to her favorite rock bands. She has the emblems of such groups as HIM, Turbonegro, Slayer and many others.
Kat Von D

She used to work in a tattoo salon, called “Sin City Tattoo”. Then the woman moved to Pasadena and started to work at the salon “Blue Bird Tattoo”. After that she had changed some other salons till she found the work in a small cozy salon called “True Tattoo” in Arcadia (California). There she met a lot of celebrities like Lady Gaga, rappers Ja Rule and The Game etc. There she met her future husband, Oliver Peck and they got married in 2003.

Kat Von D Pinup – Miami Ink

In 2007 she was offered to take part in a reality show. Thus Kat Von D took part in “Miami Ink” that made her famous. Later she left the show because of a dispute. But she took part in another show, similar to the previous one. It was called “LA Ink”. Kat Von D made tattoos just in front of the camera. The show was extremely popular during 4 seasons. Later it was closed, but Kat Von D was famous enough, so she didn’t worry.

Reality shows and TV programs are not the only sources of income of the star. Kate Von D also created her image company, called “Sephora”. The company has various lines of products. Thus people can get Kat Von D makeup products and Kat Von D clothing. Beautiful colors, great quality and originality of Kat Von D cosmetics made the star even more popular and richer. Kat Von D clothing line has the fans all over the world. “Sephora” products are sold online too.

Kat Von D wrote several books that were so succesKat Von Dsful with the public. Her “High Voltage Tattoo” is supposed for everyone, who likes tattoos, who dream to make some of them or just want to know about tattoos everything. Kat Von D wrote all she knew about tattoos, because it was the main passion in her life. She also created “Musink Festival” that was devoted to tattoo lovers. She wanted to gather the lovers of tattoos and let them an opportunity to share their experience, to show their tattoos or simply to have fun.

Kat Von D is young, beautiful, successful and … lonely. The TV star has a lot of fans, but she doesn’t have the loved one.

Personal Life

Kate Von D married Oliver Peck, fellow artist, in 2003. But their marriage was not successful, so they separated in 2007. Kat has just started to take part in her TV show. She was so busy with her new duties, that she couldn’t spend too much time with her husband. They started to quarrel and finally made up a decision to separate. In 2008 they divorced officially.

After her unhappy marriage, Kat Von D had various lovers and affairs, she was engaged numerous times, but she didn’t get married again.

Kat Von D

Kat Von D and Nikki Sixx

Kat Von D

Kat Von D and Joel Zimmerman

The next long time relationship Kat Von D had with Nikki Sixx, musician. Their relationship didn’t last for a long time. They had not much in common, just the passion to rock music and the love to tattoos. Later Kat started to date Jessy James, famous TV personality. Their love affair was so passionate, that soon she started to plan her marriage. But the sad experience of her previous marriage was still too painful, so Kat decided to cancel the engagement. She found the next boyfriend very soon. He was a famous Canadian musician and producer Joel Zimmerman. They both looked so happy together. The thoughts about wedding appeared in Kat’s head again but again she cancelled the wedding at the last moment.

Now the star is alone, free and very content with her life!

Kat Von D in Australia – The Morning Show interview

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