Date of birth: April 09, 1954 (Age 64)

Full name: Dennis William Quaid

Born place: Houston, Texas, USA

Height: 5’ 11” (183 cm)

Weight: 86 kg (189 pounds)

Hair color: Dark Brown

Eye color: Blue

Dennis Quaid's eyes and hair color

Dennis Quaid is a remarkably talented actor, singer, writer and producer who has kept himself relevant in the entertainment industry for over 4 decades and counting. During this period, he attained the most fame for portraying the Frank Whitaker role in the American period drama titled Far From Heaven.

His impeccable interpretation of this character in the film eventually led to him winning 4 awards, among which includes an Independent Spirit Award. This film also earned him a Golden Globe and Satellite Award nomination.

From his youth, Quaid has not undergone various radical changes apart from his sense of style when it comes to his hair. When he was much younger, he wore a curly and rather disoriented haircut and he kept little to no facial hair at all. As he grew older, he opted for a different look and changed his hairstyle to a more mature and sophisticated look.

Mother Nature gradually began her work in him as his hair started turning grey and his body started to wrinkle. However, old age never seemed like a limitation for him as he kept rocking his look. In fact, old age revealed the better-looking side of him as he keeps looking handsome.

Right from his youth, Quaid has always had a well-sculpted body which he has worked hard to achieve. He holds his fitness in a very high esteem and therefore goes through various workout routines in order to keep his body constantly sculpted.

As he has advanced in age, it is no longer healthy for him to stick to his workout routine from his youth. On the positive side, the amount of work he dedicated to his body in his youth has greatly paid off as he no longer needs to build up muscles but just maintain the ones he already has.

Dennis Quaid's height, weight and age

All these has played a role in keeping him very healthy and active in his 60’s.

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