Date of birth: January 20, 1981 (Age: 35 years)

Height: 6′ 6″ (199 cm)

Weight: 240 pounds (109 kg)

Daniel Cudmore’s height, weight and age

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Grey

Daniel Cudmore’s eyes and hair color

With incredible power, gigantic growth and virtually invulnerable body, Colossus became an ideal advocate for mutants.

Actually, Daniel Cudmore really appealed to his role. Firstly, the story of his life somehow resembles the story of Colossus. The second point is that Daniel’s impressive physique was probably the key factor to his acceptance for the role.

Not everyone knows that Daniel Cudmore was deeply engaged into sport. He even received numerous professional offers, but luckily, all in all, he was chosen for the role of the famous Marvel hero.

Despite the striking similarity between the hero and the actor, they have significant difference. While Colossus uses his strength only in cases of emergency, Daniel Cudmore doesn’t miss a chance to boast with his physical power and muscles.

Yes, Daniel Cudmore works hard for such physique, but also the great influence on such look makes his genetics. Daniel is one of three brothers and none of them is shorter than 6’5″. Besides, each of Cudmore brothers has a different muscular built – an ectomorph, an endomorph, and a mesomorph. Daniel is mesomorph.

Actually, football was the starting point that took Daniel to fame and, perhaps, to Hollywood too. At that time he worked out under the control of experienced coaches and he was already very skilled athlete.

Daniel achieved high goals and great results that really satisfied him. Nevertheless, the future actor never gave up pushing his body to the very its limits. Suddenly, professional trauma brought an end to his sport career, but led to the other one – filming debut.

Daniel Cudmore’s height, weight and age

Daniel Cudmore is a great actor, he is professionally flexible. He says that he works out in such a way that he can transform his body shape depending on the role demands – he can either gain or lose weight when it’s necessary. It’s a real professionalism.

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