Date of birth: October 11, 1946 (Age 71)

Full name: Daryl Franklin Hohl

Born place: Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA

Height: 6’1’’ (185.4 cm)

Weight: 220 lbs (100 kg)

Daryl Hall's height, weight  and age

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue

Daryl Hall's eyes and hair color

Daryl Hall is a multi-talented producer, singer, guitarist and keyboardist who has attained the most recognition of his career as a part of the duo, Hall & Oates. Daryl’s musical career was birth in the mid 60’s when he formed a group called Temptones alongside a few of his schoolmates. However, music seemed to be deeply rooted in his genes as his dad was a singer while his mother a voice coach.

Daryl met the other half of Hall & Oates, John Oates while they were both in the University. After the creation of the duo, they released their first album titled Whole Oats in the early 70’s. From then till date, they have released a total of 18 studio albums.

In the start of the 80’s Daryl went solo releasing the album, Sacred Songs. By 1986, he released a single called Dreamtime. This was a huge success for his solo career as it was ranked among the top five singles in the USA.

Right from his youth, Daryl has had neck-length straight blonde hair. As he has grown older, he has reduced his hair a bit but it is still long.

He has also tried at maintaining his body size as he always had a lean figure from his teenage years. What seems to leave most of the world awestruck is how he is able to maintain such agility at over 70.

Whether it is as a result of great genes or a very active lifestyle, Daryl definitely makes most of his fans set him at a pinnacle of old age goals. We can confidently say that whatever Daryl has been doing, he should keep on doing it.

Although he is rocking old age, there are some things he could not avoid that took its course as time went on. For over a decade, he has been living with Lyme disease.

This has slowed his career down a bit as he had to cancel a few performances. However, he is very outspoken about his experiences and he seems to be dealing well with it.

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