Date of birth: August 20, 1971 (Age 47)

Full name: David Edward Williams

Born place: Merton, London, England

Height: 6’2’’ (188 cm)

Weight: 92 kg (203 pounds)

Hair color: Dark Brown

Eye color: Dark Brown

David Walliams is an extraordinary British actor, comedian, presenter and author who has attained an enormous amount of success in the entertainment industry through various ventures.

Years before he became famous, Walliams career was launched through stage performances at the National Youth Theatre in the early 90’s.

By 1994, he ventured into screen acting as he appeared on a children’s game show titled Incredible Games. As though this role was a clue pointing him towards children, Walliams eventually became a children’s book author in 2008 and since then he has published a total of 15 books.

These books have brought him so much success that it sold millions of copies and was even translated into over 40 languages.

Right from his youthful years, Walliams has not undergone much change as he surprisingly looks exactly the same. Beginning from his haircut, Walliams seems to have kept the same haircut after all these decades or at least kept getting a similar style.

Apart from the inevitable changes that come with old age like greying of hair, his hairstyles have not changed drastically.

He was not a fan of facial hair in his youth but as he has advanced in maturity, he grows out his beards sometimes while at other times he falls back to his baby face look. Walliams used to have a lean face and general body physique but he has added a bit of weight.

His added weight looks incredible on him as he still constantly works out. In order to enhance the effect of his workout, he adds swimming to his routine as he absolutely loves the sport and is very skilled at it.

David Walliams' height, weigh and age

Just like most of the world, Walliams also has food cravings. Though Maltesers chocolate is high in calories it is still one of his greatest cravings. Nevertheless, Walliams has learnt the art of moderation when it comes to his diet.

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