Donald Trump is not a star in the common sense of this word. First of all he is a real estate developer. But everyone, who knows him, notices his main peculiarity, that he dreams not just about moneymaking, but also about fame and glory. And it was the main reason, why business mogul Donald Trump started his career of a producer and of an actor. The most famous Donald Trump show was The Apprentice. Later Donald Trump wrote, he had not much money from his show, but it was useful for his brand. Trump himself is proud of his career of an actor. He took part in more than 167 films. Some of then he produced and participated as an actor in the others.

Donald Trump - Best Movies and TV shows

Donald Trump

But the fans don’t think, The Donald is so great in acting. He even became the happy owner of the Golden Raspberry Award for the worst male supporting role.

Here are best Donald Trump movies and TV shows

1. Donald Trump The Apprentice

In 2004 the businessman decided to make Donald Trump reality show. The idea of the show was quite interesting and fresh. Donald Trump was the host at the show. Wearing blue navy suit and a red tie, he looked perfect.

Donald Trump - Best Movies and TV shows

Donald Trump

The show is actually the contest between 16 young business people. Each of them gets the business task and must fulfill it. Every week one person lost the contest and is excluded. At the end of the season the strongest and the smartest businessman is left. He is the winner. The prize of the show is the job in Donald Trump business Empire and a salary of $1 million at least.

- Best Movies and TV shows

Donald Trump and The Apprentice Winner

Donald Trump Show The Apprentice became extremely popular in USA. His idea was developed later, when the show for famous people was arranged. It was called “Celebrity Apprentice TV Show”.

The show got popular in USA and was copied by producers all over the world. But in most of countries it failed. The reason was in the show host. It was hard to find a successful and rich person, who was ready to show his face on the screen and to share his ideas and experience.

Donald Trump - Best Movies and TV shows

Donald Trump a Star on Walk of Fame in Hollywood

For the successful reality show Donald Trump was awarded – his star was opened and Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

2. Miss Universe Pageant

It is the other big project of the star Donald Trump. It is rumored he became the executive producer of the show because he liked young beautiful girls. The contradictory person Donald Trump doesn’t deny the fact that he likes “young ass in his bed”, but it was not the main reason, why he took part in production of the contest. He thought, it is an important project that must show beauty standards for people. Thus every girl knows, how exactly she must look.

Donald Trump - Best Movies and TV shows

Donald Trump. Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe pageant 2012

He produced the show during long 13 years but in 2015 he had to sell it.

The reason was in Donald’s hatred to Mexicans. Being a candidate for the Post of President, he told that he is going to stop the big wave of Mexican immigrants in case he wins elections. For his too cruel attitude towards Mexican people, Donald Trump’s partner, NBC, refused to make deals with the producer. He bought all the stock of the contest and sold it to IMG, a Hollywood agency. So now Donald Trump has to say “goodbye” to one of his most profitable and popular projects.

Donald Trump - Best Movies and TV shows

Donald Trump ‘Miss Universe Pageant’

3. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

In1992 Donald Trump had complicated period in his business life. Probably, it was the reason, why he decided to entertain and take part in the sequel “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York”. The real estate developer acted as himself.

Although the second part of the franchise “Alone at Home” was not so successful as the first one, still it had its fans. Great and talented Macaulay Culkin had the biggest salary in cinematograph for 12 year old boy. He got the check for $9 million.

Donald Trump - Best Movies and TV shows

Donald Trump in ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York’

Donald Trump appeared in the film just for several minutes. In one of the scenes the main hero entered Donald Trump Plaza Hotel. He asked the passer-by, what hotel it was. The last one answered “Plaza”. It was Donald Trump himself, the owner of the hotel, who answered the boy’s question. Donald played a small role, but the film became very popular, so it is one of the best roles of The Donald.

4. Celebrity

Donald Trump very often appears in various talk shows and reality shows in the role of himself. Woody Allen movie got modest critical reviews. Unfortunately the movie didn’t get approval from the audience and critics. Probably, not everyone can understand the great idea of the film. The world of celebrities is not real and probably it doesn’t exist at all.

Donald Trump - Best Movies and TV shows

Donald Trump

Numerous stars participated in the movie. They are Judy Davis, Melanie Griffith, Leonardo DiCaprio and … Donald Trump, who acted as himself.

5. Marmalade

It is the movie of Kim Dempster. Donald Trump also acted as himself. His colleagues were the stars Jill Sorensen, Michael T. Weiss, Karen Duffy and many others.

Donald Trump - Best Movies and TV shows

Donald Trump

Of course, Donald Trump is not a professional actor. The movies and TV series of Donald Trump show his strong desire to become popular. He admits the fact, that he makes not a lot from his television and cinema career. But his name became popular. And people know him as the host of the Apprentice much better than the owner of great business Empire.

Now Donald Trump is running for presidency. Probably, he will stop his acting career if he wins.

Donald Trump in Home Alone 2

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