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Taking a dog from a shelter is a great responsibility. Would you be ready to take care of such dog? Our today’s stay was surely ready.

The actress Ellen Page and her girl Samantha Thomas decided to complement their family. However, this time it is not about the children. The actress and the artist brought the adorable puppy to their home.

Ellen Page Dog - Patters

Dog Patters

Of her new acquisition the 28-year-old Ellen boasted on her Instagram page. She has posted some photos of the “kid” and signed it: “So glad to take Patters home”. Paige also did not forget to thank the animal shelter, where she took the dog from.

Thus, the star not only decided to make a new friend, but once again tried to draw public attention to the problem of stray animals that need a house so much.

Ellen Page pet - dog Patters

Dog Patters

The girls got used to their kid so much that they are almost inseparable.

From the very beginning, the girls took much care of the doggy. Just after adoption, Ellen and her beloved Samantha were noticed walking in Hollywood carrying their cutie. In order to make the life of their new addition more comfortable and happy, the new owners bought him a cozy dog bed.

Carrying all the dog stuff (toys, food, tie) they looked immensely happy and they were constantly smiling. Looking at the photos the heart melts.

Ellen Page couldn’t but share the news with her followers. She announced the puppy’s name and posted his lovely photos.

That time not only Ellen was excited about the puppy but her girlfriend as well. Samantha shares her photos with a dog all the time.

ellen page pets

Ellen Page Dog

Patters was adopted when he was just 14 weeks. He was taken from the shelter “Perfect Dog Rescue” in LA. This organization gets no profit from helping the dog, so probably that played the role in the choice of shelter.

Looking at the pups photos, we can but agree that Patters really found his home, where he’s loved. The girls seem to look as proud parents of the cuddly. We with this family only happiness and, hopefully, we’ll soon see a new addition to the company.

ellen page pets

Ellen Page Dog

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