Date of birth: July 21, 1899

Date of Death: July 2, 1961 (Age 61)

Full name: Ernest Hemingway

Born place: Oak Park, Illinois, USA

Height: 5’5” (183 cm)

Weight: 220 lbs (57 kg)

Ernest Hemingway's height, weight and age

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Ernest Hemingway's eyes and hair color

Ernest Hemingway is a famous and impactful American writer, journalist, literary critic, and Nobel laureate. Hemingway’s life path is impressive and inspiring at the same time, and his works are known to be the key to the formation of American literature.

The childhood of Ernest was quite interesting, his father taught him natural science and inculcated love of life and nature. His mother insisted on a musician’s career, and often took the son to sing in the church choir. However, the young Ernest did not see the musical talent in himself, and therefore made a decision to become a writer.

First of all, Hemingway worked as the editor of a sports report in a local newspaper. Later, the future writer tried himself as a journalist in Chicago. During the First World War, Hemingway became a volunteer for a medical detachment, then directly participated in the forefront and returned to America with a «hero» title.

The 30s were the turning point for Ernest Hemingway, he brought out the collection of poems and short stories called Three Stories and Ten Poems. After that, he published other great works including Spring Water, In Our Time, And the Sun Comes, Dead by Afternoon, and Green Hills of Africa.

In 1949, the writer moved to Cuba, where he planned to gain inspiration for his future literary works. There he wrote one of the most influencing books in American literature, and his best story too  – The Old Man and The Sea. He was soon awarded the Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Prize for his contributions to literature in 1954. Hemingway’s style was original and minimalistic, he wrote simple and meaningful stories that leave a noticeable trace in the heart of every reader.

Ernest Hemingway's height, weight and age

Ernest Hemingway was a good athlete, he was professionally involved with boxing and football at a young age. However, when getting older, the writer faced with vision problems and numerous stresses due to the loss of his friends and relatives in the war. Furthemore, he got a serious injury during his flights and therefore could not go in for sports.

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