Date of birth: March 5, 1955 (Age: 61 years)

Height: 6′ 6″ (198 cm)

Weight: 331 pounds (150 kg) – before weight loss

Penn Jillette’s height, weight and age

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Blue

Penn Jillette’s eyes and hair color

He weighed 150 kilos. Being 60 years old, Penn Jillette was in the hospital because of high blood pressure – he was one step away from a stroke. Doctors prescribed him six very powerful medicines for him just not to die.

Then the doctor advised magician to do everything possible and impossible to lose weight – up to 20-30 kilos. As a result, Penn began to change, because he had no other choice.

But in the process of transformation, Penn Jillette completely changed his attitude to life. He could really say that after 60 he just started living full life.

To begin with, Penn abruptly changed his diet. We can say even in a radical way. I arranged everything so that to eat no more than 1,000 calories a day. Can you imagine this?! This allowed him to drop up to 900 grams of net weight per day!

In total, 50 kilograms of excess weight, which his doctor disliked so much, disappeared just in two months.

What happened then? Penn gave up a hard (or even severe) counting calories and switched to a nutritarian diet of doctor Furman. This means the magician no longer eats animal products, as well as anything that is made from processed corn (sweet rolls, for example, and all the bread), and he also never adds sugar and salt to food.

Now, the famous comedian eats a very large amount of food, but only a very, very, very healthy. It radically changed his life!

Penn usually doesn’t eat breakfast. He knows it’s bad, but from this old habit he never managed to get rid of. For lunch Penn eats a huge portion of vegetable salad with vinegar. For dinner, he takes something like brown rice with vegetable ragout. The desserts he also doesn’t deny: the main thing is that they are based on fruit.

His daily diet is impressive – 3 kilograms of food. It is much more than eating any fat per day. Penny believes that more important is not how much you eat but what you eat.

Probably, he could afford eating a big steak or a piece of cake once in a couple of weeks. But Penny just doesn’t want to eat them. First, he no longer believes that it is delicious. Our taste preferences are the result purely of our habits, he believes. Once you get used to the vegetables, they will seem to you tastier than any meat.

Secondly, Penny Jillette remembers very well how badly he felt at 60. And he knows how he feels now, after not so much time passed. The difference is huge.

Penn Jillette’s height, weight and age

If you have experienced something like this, you definitely would not have any temptation to once again start eating something fatty or sweet.

Penny doesn’t do sports, but keeps himself in shape due to the daily performance of a short 7-minute quick warming-up.

Sometimes, a couple of times a month, he rides a bicycle or juggling – just because it brings him indescribable pleasure. The main thing, says the comedian, is to find your optimal training regime and not to over train.

Now he feels that he has a tremendous amount of energy. Penn literally has nowhere to put it. He has never, even in 30 years, felt as good as he feels now. He’s just happy!

Penn has younger wife and two children. They all noticed that he had a hundred times more energy. Although, he still didn’t convince them to give up meat eating.

So, all you need – is to develop a habit of just two things. The first – eat healthy food. To get started, simply discard anything that contains tons of sugar and salt. Second – start doing exercises in the morning – just for seven minutes. Just do it!

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