Date of birth: February 11, 1936

Date of death: September 6, 2018 (Age: 82 years)

Height: 5’ 11” (180 cm)

Weight: 174 pounds (79 kg)

Burt Reynolds' height, weight and age

Hair color: Dark brown/Grey

Eye color: Dark brown

Burt Reynolds' eyes and hair color

Time doesn’t spare anyone. Once incredibly handsome Burt Reynolds now turned into usual aged man who doesn’t resemble sex-symbol anymore.

His appearance more than once brought him the title of the sexiest man in Hollywood. But plastic surgery and health problems still affect the famous Burt Reynolds.

A few years ago he was awarded a prize in the category Alpha Male. This is a very precise definition of the actor himself who, for several decades, incarnated images of courageous, strong and uncompromising heroes on the screen.

For many years Burt Reynolds looked much younger his age. But for a few last years actor seemed to the last centimeter to his skin to correspond to his 77 years. Nowadays, Bert appears before the audience as an elderly, skinny and very sickly man who doesn’t feel too confident on his feet.

Although, his eyes seemed extinct because of the venerable age, Reynolds almost doesn’t have wrinkles on his face. Perhaps, this is due to facelift.

Many viewers and fans are amazed at how fragile and old their favorite actor looks now.

Burt Reynolds' height, weight and age

The star of Smokey and the Bandit, who made his name in the 1970’s and 80’s, nowadays, very rarely appears in public. And although Bert struggled to contain the ruthless course of time, including, with the help of plastic surgery, experts unanimously included him in the rating of star victims of plastics. Bert himself confessed only to the plastic surgery of the eye zone, and as for the smooth skin of the face, the actor attributed it to the account of good genes.

In 2010, Burt Reynolds went through aortocoronary bypass, and five shunts were installed in his heart. A year earlier, he was in a rehabilitation center, trying to overcome dependence on prescripted pain medications.

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