Gene Kelly Height, Weight, Age

Gene Kelly

Date of Birth: 23 August, 1912

Date of Death: 2 February, 1996 (Aged: 83)

Height: 171 cm (5 ft 7)

Weight: 70 kg (154 pounds)

Eye color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown/Grey

Elegant oval face, big eyes and wide Hollywood smile – the friends and relatives of Gene Kelly remember him in that way. He was not tall and it is hard to call his body extremely strong or chiseled. But Gene Kelly was extremely flexible and his movements were precise and fast.

If you love dancing, then you should know his name, because it was he, who influenced the developing of modern dance. Being incredibly talented, Gene Kelly didn’t like dancing at all and refused to visit choreography lessons. It was his mother, who made the boy visit regular workouts and punished him, if she knew that he had missed the workout. But at the age of 15 Kelly suddenly felt real love to dancing, he felt that special soft feeling, when was performing on the stage. His body was extremely light and he felt each its movement.

Gene Kelly decided to study journalism after graduating, but soon he had to leave the University because of his mother’s illness. Gene’s family needed money, and the young man had to do everything to start earning it. That’s why he found the job at a local theater, where he danced in various musicals, besides he participated in various dancing competitions with the only aim – to win prize money.

Very soon the talented dancer Kelly appeared in various shows on Broadway and there he was noticed by film producer David O. Selznick. From that moment started a new chapter in his life connected with Hollywood lifestyle and international fame. Till now people watch and rewatch Gene Kelly movies, such like “For Me and My Gal”, “Cover Girl”, “Singin’ in the Rain”, “One For the Money” etc.

Gene Kelly Height, Weight, Age

Gene Kelly

Even now, when an old Hollywood movie with Gene Kelly is on, his fans watch dancer’s airy moments, holding their breath. Gene Kelly had great dancing technique and his body was extremely flexible and elastic. Of course, the dancer was so skilful due to the lucky genes and even after many hours of training an ordinary person wouldn’t dance in that way. But Gene Kelly worked out every day to achieve great results and he didn’t miss the training even on Christmas or his birthday. Gene was a kind of workaholic and it was quite hard for his family members, who could see their husband and father so rarely. During his life Gene was married three times and had three children.

Gene Kelly remains a legendary dancer and one of the most talented Hollywood actors, whose dance had changed the world.

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