Weight: 90 kgGeorge Lucas

Height: 170cm

Age: 71

He is the author of at least two famous franchises and a father of four children. He was close to death in his youth because of drug addiction. Later he became the cult film director and successful producer. George Lucas is 71, his youngest daughter is 2. Yes, Lucas’s life is really interesting.

George Lucas Biography

George Walton Lucas Jr was born in 1944, on the 14th of May. His father, George Walton Lucas, worked as an office supply retailer and was busy from morning till night to provide his family for everything necessary. The boy spent the most part of the day with his mother, Dorothy Bomberger. They lived in a small house in Modesto, CA, where the boy started to visit Downey High School. The clever and unordinary pupil George Lucas was absolutely indifferent to his school duties. He hated studying and missed most part of his classes. The only thing he was interested during his school years, was Mechanics. The future Hollywood legend was crazy from cars. The fellow liked racing and this hobby was quite dangerous for his life. Together with racing George Lucas had one more dangerous hobby – he used drugs. One day he got overdosed and was close to death. That accident made the fellow to change his lifestyle. He entered BFA Film University of Southern California, where studied film making.
George Lucas

Being a student, George Lucas made a short film HX 1138 4EB: The Electronic Labyrinth that was awarded at National Student Film Festival. The talented fellow was invited to work for Warner Bros. There he assisted legendary Francis Ford Coppola.

His first big movie George Lucas shot in 1973. It was “American Graffiti”. The film was a great success with a public and lead George Lucas the way to stardom. Many George Lucas films became huge box office hits.

George Lucas George Lucas

George Lucas Movies

George Lucas Star Wars was his breakout movie that made him popular all over the world. Probably, every person in the world has watched this franchise. But George Lucas hadn’t stopped and created another cult franchise – “Indiana Jones”.
George Lucas

The success of George Lucas Star Wars made him create three Star War prequels, the first one dated 1999. The success of these three parts was not so loud as of the first ones. George Lucas planned to make three more Star War films but he was forced to stop working on the franchise. He called his separation with Star Wars “a divorce”. Thus the filmmaker tried to show, how painful it was for him.
George Lucas

George Lucas was successful not just as a film director, but also as a screenwriter and producer. He founded the film making company Lucasfilm. In 2012 the actor, who was 68 years old then, sold his company to Disney Corporation.

Now he is still working, but not so actively. He devotes his free time to his wife and small daughter.

George Lucas Calls Disney “White Slavers” in Charlie Rose interview

George Lucas Personal Life

How many times was George Lucas married? He was married twice. In 1969 he married film editor Marcia Griffin. Then George Lucas family seemed to be very happy. They spent a lot of time together, went for vacation and visited parties. In fact, Marcia Griffin and George Lucas had no children, although they dreamed about them. Finally, George Lucas decided to adopt a child. In 1981 his first daughter, Amanda, was adopted. She works now as martial arts fighter. Six years later the film director adopted his second daughter, Katherine. The girl was adopted after George Lucas divorce with Marcia Griffin. In 1993 he adopted a son, Jett.

George Lucas lived alone for a long time. He was a single parent to his three children. But in 2006 he found the other woman, who became the love of his whole life. Melody Hobson worked as investment manager, she was smart and full of energy. She became the wife for George Lucas and the mother for his three children.
George Lucas

They got married seven years later. George Lucas, who had been married before, was too cautious and was scared to make such a responsible decision. Nevertheless, the couple lives extremely happy now. They have a common child together too. Everest Hobson Lucas was born in 2013, on the 9th of August. The girl was born by a surrogate mother. Now the couple Lucas–Hobson lives with the daughter in a big mansion.

George Lucas Lifestyle

George Lucas is 71 years old now. He is not tall and his body looks quite stout. Probably, the reason of it is his diabetes. The actor suffers from this terrible illness and that’s why he has to keep to a diet and make injections regularly.

The film director and producer likes to spend his free time in a family circle. Now, when he is not extremely busy, George Lucas finds the time for charity work. Thus, he is the founder of George Lucas Educational Foundation. The educational organization develops project-based learning. The topic of children’s education is close to the celebrity as George had to grow up his three children alone and he had to educate them as well.
George Lucas

Now George Lucas enjoys family life. His wife is 25 years younger than the film director. They wed in Marin County (CA) at Skywalker Ranch.

The woman seems to love her husband deeply. She shares his lifestyle, supports him in his work.

George Lucas is extremely rich person, but he leads a simple life. He likes to wear soft leather snickers and a pair of jeans much more than dining jackets and clothes from the famous brands.

In his 71 George Lucas is one of the most talented film directors in the world.

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