James Franco started his career with a small role in the movie “Never Been Kissed”. Later he got the role in TV series “Freaks and Geeks”, where he co-acted Seth Rogan. The show appeared to be short, but the talented play of James Franco was estimated high by critics. Then he performed in biopic “James Dean” and got Golden Globe Award for this screen work. Fans also know him as James Franco Spiderman and as Aron Ralston from “127 Hours”. For the role of Aron he earned Academy Award nomination.James Franco

James Franco Biography

James Franco age is 37 years old. He was born in 1978, on the 19th of April in the family of Doug Franco (he died in 2011 from heart attack) and Betsy Levine, a writer.

James spent his early years in Palo Alto, CA. He visited Palo Alto High School. In his teens, as James used to tell in his interviews, he was a difficult pupil, who was always involved in various troubles. He was caught by police several times for stealing, crashing cars etc. But then the fellow grew up and started to express his aggression in a positive way – he started to perform on the stage.

James Franco James Franco

After graduating from school, James Franco made up his mind to become a professional actor. He entered the University of California, but in a year he dropped his studying and started to visit various castings.

In fact, James Franco entered the same University in 2011 and finally got his degree. But then, in 1977 he was going for castings all day long and worked in local McDonald’s to earn his living. Finally James got his first acting job. He took part in TV series “Pacific Blue”.

In 1999 he became famous due to the role in extremely short TV series “Freaks and Geeks”. His bad boy Daniel Desario made the actor a celebrity. Thus the list of James Franco films got wider and wider.

James Franco Put His Master’s Degree to Work

James Franco Best Films

James Franco filmography includes more than 120 films and TV shows. Of course, one of the most prominent movies in the actor’s filmography is “127 Hours”. This movie was short by Danny Boyle. The film was presented by Everest Entertainment studio and James Franco had a leading role here. His Aron Ralston is a biographic role and the actor coped with his job perfectly.  Here are other popular movies of James Franco.

  1. Whatever It Takes

In the romantic drama young James Franco co-acted opposite Shane West. The film of David Raynr is based on the script of Mark Schwahn. The movie didn’t become extremely successful. But it had got a number of positive reviews, so young James Franco could be proud of his strong screen work.
James Franco

  1. Spider-Man Franchise

The movie of Sam Raimi was planned to become the box office hit from the very beginning. The film had $139 million budget. The stars like Tobey Maguire, Willem Dafoe and Kirsten Dunst took part in the movie. Franco’s Harry Osborn was perfect too. The actor was involved into acting in the following parts of the franchise too.
James Franco

  1. The Company

The film about hard and complicated fate of professional dancers attracted attention of the audience. James’s Josh had a love affair with the main heroine, Loretta ‘Ry’ Ryan, performed by Neve Campbell.
James Franco

  1. The Ape

This James Franco film is also his debut as a film director and a script writer. The film tells about a writer Harry Walker, who moved in his own apartment to start his work on the new novel. But he had to share his place of residence with a big gorilla, which helped the fellow to develop his philosophic ideas.

James Franco

  1. Tristan + Isolde

The love story of Tristan and Isolda is not new. James Franco as Tristan and Sophia Myles as Isolde tried their best and got real box office hit!
James Franco

  1. Interview

This movie gave James Franco an opportunity to try his hand as a voice actor. He spoke for Boyfriend on Phone. He acted opposite godlike Sienna Miller during the work on this film.

  1. Pineapple Express

It is one more great James Franco movie. James Franco and Seth Rogan met at the film set again to create really funny product! Saul Silver (James Franco) is a drug dealer. He and Set Rogan hero Dale Denton occasionally got the pot of marihuana and now they have to think, what to do with it. The action comedy “Pineapple Express” got $100 million of profit and has become a box office hit.

James Franco

  1. The Labyrinth

It is one of the latest screen works of an actor. It is released in 2016 and James Franco again works as a voice actor there.

The movie list of James Franco includes the films that keep the spectators at the edge of their seats. But personal life of an actor is also very interesting to his fans.

James Franco Personal Life

James Franco was rumored to be gay, because some of his heroes were gays. But the actor insisted, the opportunity to act as a gay on the screen has nothing in common with his sexual orientation. He dated Marla Sokoloff, but they split in 2004. Then he was involved into a short love affair with Ashley Hartman. And finally he lived together with the actress Ahna O’Reilly during long 6 years. But she didn’t manage to become James Franco wife. Now the actor is officially single. In 2014 he caught negative public attention, when tried to date 17 year old girl from New York. The last one recorded their conversation and made it public. The actor explained that “he was just flirting”.

James Franco

James Franco and Ahna O’Reilly

Now James Franco is concentrated on his career.

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