Jennifer Aniston Parents:

John Aniston (father), Nancy Dow (mother)

Jennifer Aniston Parents

Nancy Dow (mother), John Aniston (father),

Jennifer Aniston Siblings:

John Melick (elder half-brother), Alex Aniston (younger half-brother)

Jennifer Aniston's siblings

Jennifer Aniston’s half brother – John Melick

Jennifer Aniston siblings

Jennifer Aniston’s half brother – Alex Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Marital Status:


Jennifer Aniston Husband:

1. Brad Pitt (2000-2005)

Jennifer Aniston Family

Brad Pitt . Jennifer Aniston

  1. Justin Theroux (since 2015)

    Jennifer Aniston Family

    Jennifer Aniston. Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston Children:


Jennifer Aniston is in her golden age and although many people consider her “after 40” age as too old, Jen remains one of the most sexual women on the planet. She was included in numerous lists of “the most beautiful” and “the hottest”, that’s why it is hard to believe that this beauty grew up with deep inferiority complex. The person, who can be blamed for this, is Aniston’s mother Nancy.

Jennifer Aniston is a daughter of an actor John Aniston and his wife, Nancy Dow. Nancy dreamed to become a model and an actress, but her talent was not so obvious and that’s why she didn’t get her recognition.

When Jen was in her teens, she had to cope with her parents’ divorce. Jennifer dreamed to become an actress, but her mother told the girl all the time that she looked awful, she was too fat and her face was ugly. Frankly speaking, Jennifer Aniston’s eyes were a little crossed nevertheless the teenager was very cute.

When Jennifer Aniston was casted to famous “Friends” and became not just rich and popular, but also very beautiful, her mom wrote a book about their relationship and told everywhere that she was happy to be her mom. Now Jen doesn’t even talk to Nancy.

Jennifer, who hadn’t found love in her parent’s family, tried to find it in her relationship with Brad Pitt. Jen and Brad got acquainted through their friends, who arranged them a blind date. The young people liked each other and started dating. After two years of dating they got engaged and very soon arranged a wedding. They got married on the 29th of July, 2000 in Malibu and it was very expensive $1 million wedding. All of us know the sad end of their story, when Brad Pitt cheated his wife with Angelina Jolie and then filed for divorce.

Jennifer Aniston Family

Jennifer Aniston. Family

Jen was alone for many years. She had some unimportant love stories but none of them ended with wedding bells and a ring on her finger. But finally the fate gave Jen a smile.

In 2011 Jennifer participated in the movie “Wanderlust”. Her co-star was Justin Theroux and she liked that calm and confident guy. Soon they started dating and Jennifer introduced Justin to her close friends. In 2012 the couple got engaged and three years later finally tied a knot. Jennifer and Justin got married on the 5th of August, 2015 in their home in LA. They invited just the closest people and enjoyed their sweet and very private ceremony.

Now Jennifer Aniston is a happy wife. We wish her to become a happy mother soon too!

Jennifer Aniston Family

Jennifer Aniston Family

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