To his teens he achieved more than other people can dream of during the whole life. He is a zero made man, who had poor and unhappy childhood in Canada. The boy had no money for visiting music school, that’s why he became a self taught musician. He started from homemade videos at YouTube and soon became an internationally popular star with millions on his account. Now Justin Bieber family facts are discussed in press. Justin Bieber biography book is sold rapidly in each country. He is the author of several books like “Just Getting Started” and “First Step to Forever”. People want him to speak because they try to understand his phenomenon. What should people do to become rich and popular? Does anyone can achieve his stardom? Or should we be born for success and if not, then you have no chance? Justin Bieber life history will help to answer.

Justin Bieber- Celebrity Bio Facts

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Biography

Justin Drew Bieber was born in 1994. His birthday is on the 1st of March. He was born in the family of Jeremy Bieber and Patricia Mallette, who got married in their teens because of unexpected pregnancy. When Justin was three years old, his parents got divorced. His father married for the second time and gave a birth to a daughter and a son – Justin’s half-siblings.

Justin Bieber- Celebrity Bio Facts

Justin Bieber. Child

The future star was raised by a single mother. Patricia soon got the profession of a web designer and worked hard from the morning till night. She tried to provide her son for everything. Nevertheless they were lack of money. From the earliest years it was noticeable that Justin Bieber was extremely talented as a musician. He took drum lessons before kindergarten and sang in a church choir. Then he taught himself playing the guitar, trumpet and piano.

Justin Bieber- Celebrity Bio Facts

Justin Bieber. Patricia Mallette.

He earned his first money at the age of 10, playing music in front of Avon Theater. Thus he tried to support his hard working mother.

The boy visited St. Michael Catholic Secondary School, where he was a hard child and a school bully. But he made music with a couple of friends in his free time and made some music videos. His mother uploaded them to YouTube and … people got crazy from YouTube star Justin Bieber.

He won a local talent completion at the age of 12 and it made him the celebrity in his native Ontario. Soon his videos at YouTube, which got 10 million reviews, were noticed by the scouts from various recording companies. Soon his mother signed the first contract with Island Records. His first album “My World” got platinum status. To the age of 19 Justin Bieber was the unique star, who had 5 platinum albums. It is interesting to know, that Bieber’s career was supported by Usher. Now Justin Bieber home is in Atlanta, Georgia, near Usher’s home.

Justin Bieber My World Full Acoustic Album 

Justin Bieber Career

Now Justin Bieber is 22. To that age he has earned $150 million net worth. He is the owner of three mansions, numerous Justin Bieber cars and motorcycles. In fact the fellow worked hard from 12 years old to earn his fortune. Now he has 5 platinum albums, numerous hit singles, several remakes and one extended play in his list of achievements. He participated in two world tours named “My World Tour” and “Believe Tour”. He is the author of numerous music videos, which were watched and rewatched at YouTube. Here are some of the most prominent achievements of Justin Bieber during his career.

Justin Bieber- Celebrity Bio Facts

Justin Bieber

1. Extended play “My World”

In 2009 YouTube star started making his career as a professional musician. He recorded single “One Time”, which became platinum in his native Canada and then worldwide. The single was included in his first extended play “My World”, which became incredibly popular. Thus the star was ready to release his first studio album.

Justin Bieber – One Time

2. First Album “My World 2.0”

He named his album similarly to his extended play. The album won the first place in Billboard Top 200. Justin sold about 140, 000 copies of the album within first week of its existence. He created the music video for the song “Baby”, where the other famous rapper participated – Ludacris.

Justin Bieber- Celebrity Bio Facts

Justin Bieber. My World 2.0. First Album

3. First international tour “My World Tour”

The success of Justin Bieber first album was phenomenal. That’s why his producers made up a decision to organize international tour. Sixteen year old boy had to visit numerous countries, including USA, Africa, Asian countries etc. The tour lasted from 2010 to 2011.

Justin Bieber – My World Tour Live in Chile Full Concert

4. “Musical Mondays”

Justin Bieber is known not just as a musician but also as a TV star. In 2013 he participated in the musical film named “Justin Bieber’s Believe”. To support the film Justin announced, he will release one song from the film every Monday. Thus he released the singles during 10 weeks. The songs like “Recovery”, “All That Matters”, and “Hold Tight” became hits.

Justin Bieber – Recovery

5. Single “What Do You Mean?”

In 2015 Justin Bieber – like a hit making machine – produced great song again. His hit “What Do You Mean?” occupied the leading place in USA, Canada, Australia etc.

Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean?

Justin Bieber Personal Life

If career of 22-year old star can be called phenomenally successful, his personal life is quite complicated. Justin Bieber dated a singer Jasmine Villegas.

Justin Bieber- Celebrity Bio Facts

Justin Bieber. Jasmine Villegas

His relationship with another teen star Selena Gomez was watched by his fans all over the world. They broke up and then started again during several years, when finally got completely split in 2014.

Justin Bieber- Celebrity Bio Facts

Justin Bieber. Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber is known for his swagger behavior. He urinated in a restaurant, abandoned a monkey was arrested for smoking marijuana.

Nevertheless he makes hits – nothing to add!

Justin Bieber top 10 songs

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