Date of Birth: 24 November, 1989 (Age: 26)

Height: 180 cm or 6 ft (approximately)

Weight: 75 kg or 165 pounds (approximately)

Keo Motsepe Height, Weight, Age

Keo Motsepe

Eye color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Keo Motsepe is a pro dancer from South Africa. He differs from the other regular dancers of legendary show “Dancing with the Stars” by black skin and ideal body shape. He has tall and thin body, his core is chiseled and his biceps are huge. Keo Motsepe cares about his health and shape every single day.

Keo Motsepe, originally named Keoikantse Motsepe, was born in Pretoria, South Africa. He jokes, that his mother took the boy in for dancing, because this kind of physical activity is clean and beautiful. Now he tells big “Thank you!” to his mother.

He started to participate in various professional dancing contests at the age of 11. In 2012 Keo was the first black-skinned member of Burn the Floor team. Two years later he was the first professional black-skinned dancer, who was casted to “Dancing with the Stars”.

Keo Motsepe took part in four last seasons of DWTS. His best result was in the latest, 22nd season, when he occupied the sixth place with his partner, actress Jodie Sweetin.

Nothing is known about Keo’s personal life. He was rumored to date an athlete Lolo Jones and some other girls, who participated in DWTS. Keo Motsepe is not married, but he loves his parents and two sisters, who are the family for him. He has two tattoos on his wrists; one of them is his nephew’s name and the other is his family’s initials.

Keo Motsepe is a very reasonable person. He tells that if he wouldn’t become a dancer, he would choose business as the main occupation in his life. Keo Motsepe is very responsible as for his diet and fitness routine too.

The dancer understands that each extra kilo would not just spoil his look, but also would prevent him from making difficult turns around and beautiful high jumps.

Keo Motsepe Height, Weight, Age

Keo Motsepe

He dances regularly several hours per day, and his active lifestyle helps Keo stay fit. But his huge biceps are the result of long strength workouts in gym. Keo Motsepe does stretching exercises too to make his body flexible.

Being extremely strict with his workout program, Keo is not so careful with his diet. We can say without doubting that Keo Motsepe avoids alcoholic beverages and junk food. But if the star has a day off, he can cook something. Keo Motsepe likes to cook lasagna with sausage. It is a forbidden dish, but he can eat it from time to time.

Keo Motsepe likes children and he dreams to have two of them. But now he is focused on his career, so we let’s enjoy his talented performance!

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