Date of birth: March 12, 1946 (Age: 71 years)

Height: 5’ 4” (163 cm)

Weight: 140 pounds (64 kg)

Liza Minnelli's height, weight and body measurements

Liza Minnelli body measurements:

Chest: 34” (86 cm)

Waist: 28” (71 cm)

Hips: 36” (92 cm)

Bra size: 34C

Shoe size:  7 (US)/ 37 (EU)

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Dark brown

Liza Minnelli's eyes and hair color

It’s extremely hard to accept the fact that you’re not as famous as you used to be, especially, if the fame became the sense of life.

In 1997, the actress Liza Minnelli underwent a serious surgery: she was inserted pins in both femoral joints. In 2001, she again had to undergo this torture and, additionally, expose her tired of the incredible dance load knees under the scalpel. Since then, the actress has been tormented by pains – at first, really unbearable.

Refusing by that time from alcohol, drugs and even nicotine, Liza stuck to a powerful painkiller, causing drowsiness, apathy and immensely contributing to weight gain.

Sometimes she used to lie in bed for days, switching TV programs, chewing chocolate sweets and occasionally ordering the pizza Four Cheeses on the phone.

In a few months, a light dabbling added 15 kg of weight. Liza didn’t look like Lisa Minnelli herself – she was a very picture of her mother. Yes, Judy Garland, used to tie up from time to time with drink and drugs, also instantly gaining weight.

In 2000, on top of all the ills, Liza contracted a viral encephalitis and survived by a miracle. Doctors predicted that the star would spend the rest of the days in a wheelchair, but Lisa refused to believe it. She was not just stubbornly learning to walk again. She took dance lessons, knowing that someday she would certainly return to the stage.

Broadway star Liza Minnelli has assued the audience for long that she did not follow any diet, moreover, it was known that the actress abused alcohol.

Fortunately, she did not repeat the tragic fate of her mother, but in time she managed to take herself under control. Liza Minnelli underwent treatment and, in addition, lost weight. They say that she adhered to the specific diet for two years.

Liza Minnelli's height, weight and body measurements

The daily norm for the actress was 1200 calories. When the desired weight appeared on the scales, she could add to the ration another five hundred calories.

Later, Minnelli said that she was inspired by the experience of other actresses – and she decided to try the so-called diet of Jenny Craig, based on a balanced diet consisting of 60% of carbohydrates, and 40% of protein and fat, and special tablets.

Today, the star is sure that she looks and feels great. She dropped 14 kilograms.

Liza Minnelli's height, weight and body measurements

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