Date of Birth: 10 September, 1982 (Age: 34)

Height: 157 cm (5 ft 2)

Weight: 50 kg (110 pounds)

Misty Copeland Height, Weight, Age

Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland body measurements:

Breast size: 91 cm (36 in)

Waist size: 64 cm (25 in)

Hips: 91 cm (36 in)

Eye color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Misty Copeland is a popular dancer, who has strong and lean body. She is not tall, her height is just 157 cm, she is very slim and her body looks so ripped. Now Misty Copeland is in her mature age and many women of the same age group very often ask the ballerina, what she eats and how she workouts to look so great and to move so gracious.

Misty Copeland tells that she hated her body in her teens. She started dancing at 13 years old and it was quite late for a professional ballerina. The girl had to learn a lot to catch up with the other dancers of the same age. Misty is African American dancer, and as she used to repeat in her interviews, ballet is full of racism. She managed to become the first African American ballerina, who was appointed as an ABT principal dancer. Of course, Misty had to train a lot to achieve her goals and to make such a successful career.

In her teens Misty hated her body, because she has quite big breasts and wide hips. Most of ballerinas have a body shape of a banana, but Misty has an hourglass body shape. She was told to lose the weight numerous times, although her weight was just 108 pounds. Everything had changed, when Misty met her boyfriend Olu Evans. He taught the girl, that her body is perfect and she is great.

Misty Copeland Height, Weight, Age

Misty Copeland

Do you really think that Misty’s body is great? Do you really want to look like she does? Then get ready to follow Misty Copeland’s daily routine and it is not easy, you know!

Misty’s days off are on Sunday and Monday. But from Tuesday till Saturday the woman works hard to look in that way. She gets up at 7 pm and drinks coffee with a bagel or muffin. Then she goes to the theater, where she is in rehearsals from 10 a. m. to 7 p. m. There’s no need for Misty to visit gym as she gets enough training at her rehearsals. Just after the first class of training, Misty has a fruit. During her working day she eats fruit, dried fruit and nuts to have energy for training.

When the working day is over, Misty has dinner. She is a pescatarian, so she doesn’t eat meat. To have enough proteins, the famous ballerina eats seafood for dinner. She adds some light food like salad or sushi. Misty tries to exclude desserts from her menu, but sometimes she can eat cookies from the nearest shop. She tells, they bake fresh cookies and are opened till 3 a. m., so she can easily go to that shop even late at night if she decided to eat something sweet. But Copeland does it not very often.

Misty Copeland is one of the most talented dancers in the world and her advice is worth to follow!

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