Nicholas Hoult - Height, Weight, Age

Nicholas Hoult

Date of Birth: 7 December, 1989 (Age: 26)

Height: 189 cm (6 ft 2)

Weight: 84 kg (185 pounds)

Feet size: 11 US (46 EU)

Eye color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Nicholas Hoult was a person, who decided to devote his life to acting since 3 years old. Then he visited the local theater with his mother and his heart was captured by wonderful mystery, which took place on the stage. From that tender age he started to visit local drama school for children.

He liked acting, not sports, but the future star started to practice horseriding from his teens. He also liked running for long distances. He did it to stay fit, as young Nicholas Hoult understood, how important it is for an actor to look handsome.

Soon the teenager Hoult was turned into a young strong man of towering height and extremely fast pace.

He got popular after the role of child prodigy in the movie “About A Boy”. Then he developed his success and took part in such films as “The Weather Man”, “Kidulthood”, “Clash of the Titans” and many others.

Nicholas Hoult is not the fan of sports till now. Nevertheless he workouts from time to time, because he must be ready to portray any hero on the screen. His body must be chiseled. He must look strong and well ripped.

When Nicholas got the role in “Jack the Giant Slayer”, he understood that it is necessary to train hard to look natural on the screen. Hoult found a personal trainer. Mad Max: Fury Road actor had to do the rock climbing.

For a climber it is very important to have strong hands, so Nicholas Hoult did various hands exercises every day. He started each workout from warm-up and stretching. Then he did pushups numerous times, lifted the dumbbells etc.

Nicholas Hoult - Height, Weight, Age

Nicholas Hoult

To make rock climbing training more intensive, the actor used rain and wind imitation during the workout.

He trained his hands and then legs to make his body look harmoniously. Nicholas practiced jumping, he did leg kicks and ran several km per day.

Of course, the actor tried to make his nutrition plan healthy and full of necessary vitamins and minerals. He started his day with a big bowl of oatmeal. Then an actor added a big toast and a glass of orange juice.

Nicholas had vegetable soup and a big piece of chicken meat for dinner. Finally he ate some salad with a big steak for supper.

Nicholas Hoult tries his best to look well and sometimes it is very hard for him. But Nicholas’s efforts are not in vain. He is casted to new movies all the time. Besides Nicholas Hoult has caught the hearts of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Thus he was dating a young beauty Jennifer Lawrence and an actress Kristen Stewart.

And what is about you? Do you work out daily?

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