Date of birth: November 6, 1972 (Age: 44 years)

Height: 5′ 11″ (180 cm)

Weight: 125 pounds (57 kg)

Rebecca Romijn`s height, weight and age

Rebecca Romijn body measurements:

Chest: 36″ (91 cm)

Waist: 24″ (61 cm)

Hips: 36″ (91 cm)

Bra size: 34B

Shoe size: 9 (US)

Hair color: Dark brown (dyed blonde)

Eye color: Blue

Rebecca Romijn`s eyes and hair color

She is likely to know the secret of eternal youth … This beautiful blonde is about to turn 45 years old!

Can you believe it? Happy wife and mother of two girls, a former model and a successful actress Rebecca Romijn shares the secrets of her enduring beauty.

1.Make advantages of the shortcomings.

In school, Rebecca was called blond leggy giant. The thing that any girl would immediately turn into complexes, Rebecca Romijn turned into a comic situation and classmates appreciated such a reaction and changed the nickname, adding to it the word “cheerful”.

2.Improve yourself.

Rebecca always looks after herself – fitness and proper nutrition – that’s what helps her to be in great shape.

Especially seriously the actress got ready to the role of Mystique – because she had to play almost the nude (the paint was applied to the skin of the actress). In order to look perfect, the actress increased the fitness burden: in addition to Pilates that she practiced 4 times per week, she was engaged for 50 minutes to the elliptical trainer, and was sitting on a strict diet.

During pregnancy, Rebecca gained 60 lbs (27 kilos). Immediately after the birth of her twins, she got rid of half of excess weight. Diet for breastfeeding mothers was the best she has ever tried, said Rebecca Romijn. If the actress hadn’t been training regularly for years, is would have been very hard her body to recover from childbirth so easily.

Rebecca Romijn`s height, weight and age

Rebecca prefers proper nutrition. But sometimes she even allows a bit of weaknesses: coming home late, she would not eat at night, but in the morning she can really afford a large sandwich.

Rebecca Romijn`s height, weight and age

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