Sam Smith is an English singer and songwriter.Sam Smith

Samuel Frederick Smith (we know him as Sam Smith) was born on the 19th of May in 1992. He became popular in 2012, when presented his first song, called “Latch”. Sam Smith “Latch” became popular, so the fellow decided to continue his career and announced his first album.

Early Years
Sam Smith

In fact, he started to sing from the very childhood. The boy was born in London in the middle-class family. His father, Frederick, and his mother, Kate Cassidy, noticed, that their child was good in music. They convinced the boy to attend Youth Musical Theatre. He started to act on the stage and at the same time took part in various jazz bands.


Starting from “Latch”, Sam Smith songs were liked with the audience. Sam Smith “Latch” made him popular in UK. After that Sam Smith songs appeared in USA. The singer and songwriter was ready to release his first album. Sam Smith album was called “In the Lonely Hour”.
Sam Smith

Sam Smith “In the Lonely Hour” was released in 2014. It was the first album of the performer. It included hits “Money on my Mind”, “Latch” and the song “Stay with Me”. All these Sam Smith songs occupied places in top list of UK Single Charts. Sam Smith album was going to be successful.

Sam Smith – Stay With Me

In fact, Sam Smith “In the Lonely Hour” didn’t deceive the expectations of the signer, of his fans and of critics. The album got positive reviews. The song “Stay with Me” was watched million times. The singer was ready to start his first tour.

Sam Smith tour was held over UK. He also gave live concerts in USA and Japan. Sam Smith tickets are sold both, online and offline, and the concert halls are always full of fans. Sam Smith tour 2015 shows, that the signer is extremely successful and he has a lot of work to do! Sam Smith tickets are of average price.
Sam Smith

As for personal life, the man announced, that he was gay. Sam Smith was rumored for his sexual orientation. But his weight changes became one more topic for conversation.

Weight Loss

In March, 2015 the fellow was on tour in Australia. There he had fun with his friends. They went to the beach and made photos there. Sam was impressed by the way he looked. He noticed a lot of tummy fat and watched his enormous thighs. The cheeks of the signer were huge. Sam Smith hated the way he looked. He decided to lose his weight.

Sam Smith’s photos Before and After
Sam Smith

To achieve his aim, Sam Smith called his friend, Beyonce. 33-year old vegan gave him some pieces of advice. It helped Sam Smith to reconsider his diet and fitness regime. He started to train and lost several pounds.

But the real progress he made, when met Amelia Freer, a famous nutritionist. She talked to her new friend for hours and (it was admitted by Sam himself) she has completely changed his attitude to food.

Sam Smith read her book from top to bottom. It was called “Eat. Norrish. Glow.” Sam studied the book and started to fulfill the new nutrition rules he learnt from the book. Amelia assisted him all the time. She controlled the man and inspired him. Due to her help, he managed to achieve his aim.
Sam Smith

It is not known exactly, how many pounds Sam Smith lost. He announced, that lost more than 14 pounds during the first two weeks of his new diet.

Now Sam Smith uploads his new “slim” photos in the internet. Thus he tries to inspire his fans and all the people, who have extra weight. It is possible to change the body within a few months – the singer insists.

Now I feel healthier than ever” the star tells. He is proud of himself and likes the way he looks. Like any person, who managed to lose the weight, he is afraid, that some extra kilos will come back, if he stops dieting.
Sam Smith

Sometimes Sam Smith desperately wants to eat some junk food. But he understands, thus he will be chubby again. “It is the fight till the end of my life”, the singer says.

Sam Smith tells about his weight changes to his friends through twitter all the time. He doesn’t tell exactly, what is the weight of his dream, but he tells, that he must lose 4 pounds more to achieve that weight.

The singer understands that he managed to succeed only due to the help and support of Amelia. “Thank you, Amelia! I love you!” he wrote to his friend.

Now Sam Smith gives interviews to different magazines and radio programs, where he tells, how he managed to lose the weight. The artists told that fitness routine is necessary too. “I move all the time” he tells in his interview. Really, it is impossible to lose the weight without exercising.
Sam Smith

The singer complaints, that sometimes he misses the forbidden products.I simply love the food” he tells. It is very hard for such lover of food to refuse from the tastiest, but too harmful products. But the signer is ready to struggle for his new body. He plans not just to lose the weight, but also to keep the fit during many years.

Sam Smith is a strong person. He made a great career, being so young. He had no rich parents, who could support him. He achieved everything by himself. Hopefully, he will win that battle with his food and will remain slim for many years!
Sam Smith

Four-Time Grammy Winner Sam Smith

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