Sasha Farber - Height, Weight, Age

Sasha Farber

Date of Birth: 9 May, 1984 (Age: 34)

Height: 170 cm or 5 ft 7 (approximately)

Weight: 69 kg or pounds (approximately)

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Brown

Sasha Farber has well shaped muscled body. He is not tall, but this small drawback doesn’t spoil his handsome look. The guy is very flexible, fast and there’s no body fat at all on his core.

Sasha Farber is known as a professional dancer from Australia. Not everyone knows that he was born in Russia and his parents moved to Australia, when the boy was just 2 years old.

From the earliest years he liked dancing and that’s why his mom took Sasha to a dancing class.

He attended ballroom dancing classes for 13 years, when finally made up a decision to start career of a dancer professionally.

Farber danced for 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and got initial recognition. Later he was pulled to his stardom, when was casted to Australian version of popular show “Dancing with the Stars”.

Now Sasha Farber is called as DWTS veteran as he took part in numerous seasons as a troupe member and as a professional dancer too. He took part in the 22nd season of DWTS, partnered with an actress Kim Fields. The couple occupied the 8th place.

Sasha Farber is happy not just in professional, but in personal life too. He has a longtime girlfriend Emma Slater, a beautiful woman and professional dancer. They are together since 2011, but their relationship was close to an end several times.

Sasha Farber - Height, Weight, Age

Sasha Farber

Sasha Farber has that type of a body many men envy and many girls dream to date with.

For those, who want to look so ripped as the dancer, it is necessary to keep in mind that he dances several hours per day and it is a great cardio workout.

Alongside dancing, Sasha Farber practices strength training too.

He wants to look hot on the screen. To achieve that aim, Sasha hired a personal trainer. He workouts in his own gym at home several times per week.

As Sasha is a dancer, he spends most part of the day on foot. Very often he feels pain in his joints after 10 hours of dancing.

To get rid of pain, Sasha practices stretching routine and chooses Pilates to balance his dancing workouts.

Of course, training means a lot, but it comes to almost nothing, if the nutrition is not correct.

Sasha Farber has refused from alcohol, fat meat and sweet things, but he has chicken breasts and vegetable salads daily.

These secrets help Sasha Farber remain healthy and look strong; he is very fast and skilful, when he is dancing on the floor.

If you want to have that kind of body, be ready to work hard!

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