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Beauty requires sacrifice and one more sacrifice of surgical intervention in order to stay pretty is Teresa Giudice. It is rumoured that this woman has undergone sevTeresa Giudice1eral plastic surgeries in order to keep her beauty and become more attractive.

Before speaking about the changes of this celebrity it ought to be mentioned that Teresa Giudice is a real Jersey Girl. She became famous only thanks to an American show “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and is regarded as the second –highest paid star of this show. Besides this show, woman wrote several cookbooks, which prove the fact that she is a real housewife. But in 2015 she was put behind the bars because of financial and legal troubles. She has a family, a husband and four daughters. In the majority of interviews the woman notices that they are her reason to live and she dedicates her life to children.Teresa Giudice1

Recently the woman was locked up but it wasn’t the reason to stop spend money on her beauty. She spends thousands of dollars on various cosmetic procedures and the other ones which keep her body slim and beautiful. Various tabloids announced that she didn’t avoid Botox injections and not only once. Every three months the woman does Botox and Restylane injections in order to keep her skin young and avoid wrinkles. Though if to have a look at her face we cann’t say that such procedures harm her appearance. Such injections are considered to be a complimentary non-surgical addition which practically every celebrity does. In her 43 years and after four pregnancies she looks great.

Every week the woman goes for skin laser. With the help of this procedure she tries to get rid of the sickness of her skin. It seems to be that this woman is obsessed with her look and even the thought that she can spend not only one year in a prison doesn’t convince her to refuse from various beauty procedures. If to have a look at her photos in various social networks it must be mentioned that she considers herself to be a beauty queen.

Despite of the fact that Teresa takes great care concerning her face she also improved her breast size. Every one wondered what for this pretty woman went under the surgeon’s knife. She explained her admirers the changes. Teresa was a mother of four children and after numerous breast feedings her breast’s form changed greatly. And such changes were unacceptable for the woman for whom her appearance was the question number one. She did breast-enlarging surgery five years ago and after the operation which was quite successful Teresa noticed that she felt much sexier.Such a corrective breast augmentation surgery was necessary for Teresa in order to keep her confidence.

Teresa Giudice’s photo Before & After
Teresa Giudice1

Speaking about Teresa Giudice plastic surgery it bears mentioning that this woman went under knife only after breast feeding of her three children and it was necessary not because of her own preapprehension but because of the necessity to keep her career.

Teresa Giudice and family

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