Martin Short Height, Weight, Age

Martin Short

Date of Birth: 26 March, 1950 (Age: 66)

Height: 170 cm (5 ft 7)

Weight: 68 kg or 149 pounds (approximately)

Eye color: Blue

Hair Color: Light Brown

Martin Short is a famous comic from Canada. His body shape doesn’t look so impressive, he is not tall (170 cm long) and thin. Nevertheless Martin Short is charismatic and very witty, that’s why he managed to earn a huge fan base all over the world. Being in quite solid age, the comedian, TV host and actor remains popular and busy with his new projects.

Martin Short was born in Hamilton, Canada in a big friendly family. Martin’s mother was a talented violinist and she made the boy like music from the earliest age. His father was a business executive and he worked hard from morning till night to provide his children for everything necessary.

Martin Short was the youngest of 5 children in the family and his elder siblings liked the sweet boy very much and cared about him. Being a child, Martin liked to perform in public. He created his own comedy shows just in his bedroom and his parents and siblings watched it.

Martin Short’s childhood was happy and carefree, but his teen years were full of disasters. When Martin was 12, he witnessed his first disaster, when his elder brother died in a car crash. When the boy was 18, his mother died from cancer and a year later Martin’s father passed away because of a stroke.

The tragedies around Martin encouraged his interest in acting as it helped him forget about the troubles. Just after graduating from school Martin Short got his first role in “Godspell”. Martin Short started dating his colleague from “Godspell” Nancy Dolman. They got married in 1980.

Martin Short Height, Weight, Age

Martin Short

Martin Short became popular in Canada as a theater and television actor and then he moved to New York to continue his career there.

Martin Short participated in the series “The Associates” and although they were over soon, Martin managed to get the first popularity in USA. Then in 1984-85 he was the participant of the legendary show “Saturday Night Live”, where his task was to revive the popularity of the show after Eddie Murphy departure. And Martin Short managed to extend the fan base of the show.

Then he left SNL and started his own series, “The Martin Short Show”. The comedian also made guest appearances in other shows and films.

His workout plan is not known. Probably, the star Martin Short is not the fan of physical exercises as he had never mentioned about his fitness routine in his interviews.

Now he is a widower as his wife died from cancer in 2010. Martin has three adopted children, who are independent now and live separately.

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