Date of Birth: 1 November, 1960 (Age: 55)

Height: 190 cm (6 ft 2)

Weight: Unknown, but approximately 85 kg (187 pounds)

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Grey

Tim Cook is a popular American businessman and technician, who is known by his towering height and well shaped body. He is not young already, his hair is grey and face is wrinkled, but Tim’s body is the body of the young man. What does Apple CEO do to be so ripped?

Tim Cook Height

Tim Cook

Tim Cook’s main secret of professional success and success in gym is his ability to work from morning till night. He was taught to work hard by his parents, who are both from working class. Tim’s father was a shipyard worker and his mother was a homemaker. Tim’s parents still live in their old house. Cook is proud of his background and till now he remembers, that it is not necessary to waste money.

Tim Cook was born in Robertsdale, Alabama. He studied industrial engineering in Auburn University and got bachelor degree in 1982. Then Tim continued his education in Fuqua School of Business. After graduating from business school, Cook found a job in IBM. Later he was working in Intelligent Electronics. After that he was invited to Compaq, where Tim occupied the position of vice president. Then Steve Jobs personally convinced Cook to transfer to Apple. In 2011 Tim replaced Jobs and became Apple CEO, when Steve was diagnosed with cancer.

Tim Cook and Steve Jobs are usually compared. But Cook insists that he had never tried to be like Steve and to “put on his shoes” and he always tried to go his own way. They say, Tim Cook offered Jobs the part of his liver as they share the same blood group, but Steve refused.

Tim Cook is single and he has never been married. Tim is rumored to be gay, but no his gay relationship were confirmed officially.

Cook is a great fitness enthusiast and he starts each his day with visit to gym. He gets up and 3.45 each morning and starts his day from answering the letters. Then Cook goes to gym at 5 a. m. and an hour later comes to his office. Cook leaves the office at 10 p. m. and he tells that he is the first to come and the last to go out.

Tim Cook Weight

Tim Cook

Very often Tim Cook works on Sundays too. He makes plans for the upcoming week. In his free time Cook is active too. He likes hiking and cycling. Fitness is important part of his life and that’s why he never misses a day without attending gym or doing any other kind of fitness activity.

It is interesting to know, that Tim hates working out in the campus gym with his colleagues and partners. He prefers to live a very private life and tries to achieve “basic level of privacy”.


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