Weight: 102 kilosTom Brady

Height: 193 cm

Date of birth: August 3, 1977 (Age: 38)

Tom Brady is handsome and very successful. The man is popular and a lot of boys watch him, dreaming to make the same glorious career. Tom Brady is the football player. To be more precise, he is a football star. But the last year was quite difficult for him.

Tom Brady’s Biography

Tom Brady was born on the 3rd of August, 1977 in San Francisco. From the very childhood he dreamed to become a football player. He played football all the time – every season, every week day, every free hour. He was inspired by famous footballer Joe Montana. For a teenager Tom Brady Joe became the kind of an idol. He swore that one day he would become as popular as Joe.

Tom entered Serra High School in San Mateo. Later on he started to visit Michigan University. It was really hard to study and to play football, but Tom found the time for both. Soon he graduated from the University and decided to devote himself to football playing.
Tom Brady

Tom’s Career

Randy Moss Interviews Tom Brady, “Was Gronk’s catch better than mine?”

After graduating Tom Brady became a member of Michigan Football Team. If at the beginning of his career he was just a reserved player, soon he started to play on the field. Tom Brady was a talented football player – nobody could deny it. When he saw the football ball, he turned into a strong machine, that needed the only one thing – victory.Tom Brady

And Tom Brady really was the winner. Very soon he was included in the top ten of the best football players of the state. Tom Brady news was followed by lots of his fans and he was called the most famous male sportsman in USA.

In 2000 Tom Brady news was heard by the members of “New England Patriots” – successful football club. Soon Tom was invited to play there. The first season in this team was not successful for the talented footballer. Tom Brady injury prevented him from winning. The team lost the game and Tom himself got internal bleeding. It was the first severe injury he got on the field. The other one took place in 2008. Then Tom Brady injury of the knee that he got just on the field made him to stay at home and miss the whole season. Tom told in his interviews, that the life of a football player is always full of injuries. Nobody knows at the beginning of the game, whether he will be able to finish this match or not. That’s why at the beginning of every game he asks the God to help him.
Tom Brady

Probably, with God’s help, but in spite of very unsuccessful first season at “New England Patriots” Tom Brady was offered a contract.

Tom Brady contract with “New England Patriots” lasted during 14 seasons in general. The success of the footballer was impressive. In 2003 they won 21 games – it was an incredible result. Tom Brady contract was continued. It made him one of the most high-paid footballers in USA. Being the quarterback of the team, he did his best to win the match!
Tom Brady

Tom Brady worked a lot, but he had always remembered about his personal life.

Tom and Gisele

Tom Brady is a rich and handsome man, very tall (193 cm), strong and trained. His weight is 102 kilos, and the man is not fat. His body consists of muscles. No need to say, that the women crashed on him all the time and Tom Brady had a lot of love affairs.

Tom Brady Tom Brady

In 2009 he married famous Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen. Of course, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen became the most famous couple in USA. Both beautiful, young and elegant, they looked so good together, that the fans got married them much earlier their real marriage took place. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen looked extremely happy in the eyes of their fans. But the couple had serious problems. They met at the Christmas party and although Gisele liked this tall man, she felt with some inner feeling, he was hard to believe. She was right. Soon she knew that Tom’s ex-girlfriend was pregnant. The model was ready to split their love affair, but Tom suddenly proposed her. He took his son from the ex-girlfriend. Thus Tom Brady and Gisele got a child just from the first days of their marriage. Later they had two common children – a son and a daughter. Thus the number of Tom Brady kids is three. At the same time Gisele has only two of her native children. In spite of the story with the ex-girlfriend, Tom Brady and Gisele got married. They were happy. Tom Brady kids liked their star mom, who seemed to forget about her career and devoted herself to family life. They enjoyed their life till the scandal took place.
Tom Brady


In spring, 2015 it was rumored that Tom Brady and his football team “New England Patriots” were financially punished. National Football League discovered some machinations with the ball that made Tom Brady and his colleagues to win. They were considered as cheaters. Tom was banned till the end of the season and lost a great amount from his account as penalty.

His wife, Gisele, was shocked, when she heard the news. Tom Brady expected some support and help from her during the hard period in his life. As it was rumored, Gisele didn’t support her husband. Soon the friends of the couple started to tell about the problems among them.

Gossips appeared in mass media that Gisele and Tom were going to divorce. The couple didn’t appear in public for a long time, so the rumors seemed to be true.
Tom Brady

At the beginning of September Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady finally went out together. They seemed to be happy and in love and it made their fans to come down. Hopefully, they won’t split, as many other famous couples did this year. But who knows… as there’s no smoke without fire!

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