Vladimir Putin Height, Weight, Age

Vladimir Putin

Date of Birth: 7 October, 1952 (Age: 63)

Height: 170 cm (5 ft 7)

Weight: 82 kg (182 pounds)

Eye color: Blue

Hair Color: Fair

Vladimir Putin is not tall, he is not young already but the Russian President is in great shape. He looks much younger of his years, and although he was rumored to make plastic surgery, still he remains healthy and active. What does Vladimir Putin do to stay ripped and to look young?

Vladimir Putin was born in an ordinary Russian family of average level of income. He spent his early years in Saint Petersburg, Soviet Union, and after graduation from secondary school, Vladimir entered Leningrad State University where he got degree in law.

Putin started his career as KGB worker; he was trained as an undercover agent there. Vladimir tried his best, working for KGB, and was in good standing there but he left the agency, when decided to make career of a politician.

His big break was in 1999, when Putin was appointed by then-president Boris Yeltsin. On the last day of 1999 Yeltsin let his post and appointed Putin as his successor. In 2000 Putin was elected as Russian President and he was elected again in 2004. A year later Vladimir Putin made a historical visit to Israel, having become the first Russian leader, who paid a visit to that country. In 2008 Putin left the President post and occupied the position of Prime Minister. In 2012 Vladimir was elected as a President again.

Vladimir Putin Height, Weight, Age

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin has a complicated personal life. He was married Lyudmila Putina from 1983 to 2014. They have two daughters together. Putin is romantically linked to a gymnast Alina Kabaeva, but both they deny these rumors.

Vladimir Putin is in great physical shape. Russian President doesn’t like to tell about his lifestyle. But it is known, that he practices martial arts and has a black belt in karate. Vladimir also likes swimming in summer and skiing in winter. The politician prefers to stay active, so he can easily spend his weekend, having made rafting or having played tennis.

Of course, Vladimir Putin cares about his diet. The president are one of the richest people in the world, he prefers simple dishes like porridge or mashed potatoes. Vladimir prefers fish to meat and rye bread to white bread. When Putin has no time for dinner, he eats a fruit and drinks a glass of kefir.

It is interesting to know, that Putin doesn’t like to use remedies, so when he catches a cold, he drinks just lemon tea with honey or raspberry tea.

These simple tips help Vladimir Putin remain young and active all the time.

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