Liana Churilova Height, Weight, Age

Liana Churilova

Date of Birth: 25 April, 1991 (Age: 25)

Height: 178 cm or 5 ft 10 approximately

Weight: 57 kg or 126 pounds

Eye color: Hazel

Hair Color: Brown

Many girls like dancing but just some of them become dance legends. Liana Churilova is the woman, who managed to become a dancing queen.

The girl was born in Perm, Russia in the middle-class family. When she was 6 years old, her mother took her in for ballroom dancing just to entertain and soon Liana spent three or four times per week in the dancing hall. Liana Churilova was talented and it was noticeable at first sight. She could move fast, was extremely flexible and sat down on the twine almost immediately without inhaling. Liana was not a good pupil at school, because she was not interested in her studying. But her parents didn’t press the girl as they saw, dancing was her cup of tea.

Soon Liana and her then-partner won all possible dancing awards in Perm. When the future star was 17, her family moved to St. Petersburg and she continued dancing there. Once upon a time Churilova performed in front of delegation from USA. One of the American guests admired her dancing technique and offered to join his ballroom club in USA. The girl agreed and soon she met her partner, Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine.

The couple looked so natural and elegant, their technique was perfect and soon they moved all over the world, taking part in various competitions. Liana and Emmanuel performed across the globe; they are the holders of titles in salsa, mamba and other dances.

Liana Churilova Height, Weight, Age

Liana Churilova

Liana Churilova and her partner are current champions of the United States National Professional Ballroom. They perform at various festivals and parties.

Not long ago the legendary couple performed in Kremlin by a special invitation, that is great honor for Churilova, dancer from Russia. They also made appearance in popular TV contest “Dancing with the Stars”. DWTS show made their faces recognizable all over the world.

Liana Churilova is not just a skilful dancer; she is also a very beautiful woman. Her body measurements, height and weight are close to model. Very often her fans ask her about her beauty secrets.

There’s no need to tell that the beauty has ideal chiseled body, because she dances during 8 hours per day. That training is enough to look perfect, but the star does Pilates exercises from time to time too as they make joints more flexible.

Liana is very conscious with products she eats, and although she is not starving, she has just healthy food like fruit, vegetables, high protein products etc.

We wish this great couple get more and more awards for their great performance!

Liana Churilova Height, Weight, Age

Liana Churilova

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