Today, most of the Hollywood stars get some kind of rumors relating to their plastic surgery. Scarlett Johansson – is not exception, because nowadays huge number of people have begun to talk about the possibility of Scarlett Johansson’s plastic surgery. Of course, she can boasts having a huge number of loyal fans, most of all she get, because of her role in the film ”The Avengers”.Scarlett Johansson`s plastic surgeries

Some people started talking about that Scarlett Johansson’s plastic surgery which have been made a few years ago, before she became widely known. However, some of modern craftsmen compare her old photos with the new one and  they found some, not very significant changes.

Moreover, they showed these photos to experts who stated that Scarlett Johansonn have rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. That plastic surgery can not be named a cardinal, or essential, because this kind of services are used by millions of women living in different parts of the modern world to make their skin looks a little bit younger.Scarlett Johansson`s plastic surgeries

Some doubts also arise over the fact did she any plastic surgery to enhance her nose, because it looks perfect! Her cheeks look fuller than they did before. But none of the above rumor has not been officially confirmed by Scarlett Johansson.In most of the photo comparisons people are comparing photos from their early years with the new ones – and changes are visible.

Scarlett Johansson`s plastic surgeriesIn terms of our modern society, are many examples of celebrities who previously looked beautiful and have ruined their natural good looks with plastic surgery. One of them is Heidi Montag, that repeatedly said that earlier, before plastic surgery, she looked much better.

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Whatever it was, in her last interview, she said the following: “I’m not going to look like a wrinkled old woman. When the time comes and somewhere will be something to pull or touch up immediately i will do it. Beauty is to be genuine, but sometimes she needs some kind of help”.

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