Von Miller Height, Weight, Age

Von Miller

Date of Birth: 26 March, 1989 (Age: 27)

Height: 191 cm (6 ft 3)

Weight: 115 kg (252 pounds)

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Von Miller is a well known American football player, member of Denver Broncos team, NFL player. Von Miller has great body look, he is tall, very strong, and he has huge biceps and bulky legs. Von Miller body measurements are not known, but it is enough just to look at him to understand, that his parameters are close to ideal.

Von Miller attended DeSoto High School, TX, where he demonstrated his great skills of an athlete and American football player. He was the part of school team and very often his team won due to his talents. When Von Miller graduated from school, several universities offered him a scholarship, and he chose Texas A&M.

Von Miller attended the University, but he was not interested in his studying as the teenager spent too much time, playing American football. He made great achievements in sports and even “The Sporting News” mentioned about the young talented player in their article, calling him “Freshman All-Big 12”. In spite of his sports achievements, Von Millar was suspended by one of his teachers for his ignorance towards studying. The young athlete was frustrated and even considered transfer, but then decided to stay and became more serious towards his lectures.

Von Miller Height, Weight, Age

Von Miller

After graduating from University, Von Miller started his professional career. Now he is the member of Denver Broncos and it was he, who made his team win in the last season. For his great play the athlete got the title of Super Bowl MVP.

Von Miller spends a lot of time, practicing American football, so no need to say that the guy’s body looks muscled and healthy. When the season is over, Von Miller turns back to his parent’s farm. There he eats just healthy products, which are cultivated by his mom and dead. Von Miller eats hot chickens, which were raised on the farm, drinks fresh milk and eats cottage cheese. Of course, he includes in the menu vegetable salads with olive oil, fruit and berries.

Von Miller uses high protein products as well. Every single day he drinks protein shake and has protein bar.

Von Miller never forgets about his workout, even if he is on vacation. He starts his day from running and swimming. The athlete runs at least two miles daily and then swims about an hour in the pool, which is situated near his parents’ house. Von Miller practices strength workouts two or three times a week.

Von Miller is one of the greatest athletes in the world and a strong handsome person.

Von Miller Height, Weight, Age

Von Miller

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